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by William Wadsworth

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Welcome to Exam Study Expert’s Learning Science series! As a psychologist, this is a topic I’m passionate about, and I cannot WAIT to share some top tips with you over the next few weeks.

Let’s kick things off this week by getting a few things straight: we’ve put together a quick brain science quiz for you to test what you REALLY know about how the brain learns. What is “true science” and what’s merely a “media misunderstanding”? Over to you…

Brain science: sorting the myth from the fact

Have you got what it takes to separate the "commonly misunderstood" from the "wow, is that really true!"? You'll need your wits about you: GOOD LUCK!

If this brain science quiz has sparked your interest in understanding more about the brain and how it learns, I’d recommend treating yourself to a copy of Understanding How We Learn, which offers a visual guide to effective, research-backed strategies for learning. It’s a very engaging and very practical read – I thoroughly enjoyed it and am telling all my friends!

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