What if there was an easier, happier path to exam success?

A way to ace every test… to get the grades… and to relax 🙂
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Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your dream set of grades on results day…

studying in the library

We both know why exam success matters…

  • Offers from top colleges and universities.
  • Doors swinging open to the most rewarding careers, or taking your current career to the next level through professional qualifications.
  • And always looking back with no regrets, knowing that when it mattered, you rose to the challenge and performed.

The smile breaking on your face on results day, that incredible glow of satisfaction when you see the happy ending after all the work.

It’s a prize worth striving for.

But you know that.

That’s why you’re here.

But exam success doesn’t always come easy…

Even the brightest students can run into difficulties.

Studying for hours, but feeling like nothing’s sticking.

Stress levels inching up.

Motivation slipping, procrastination setting in.

Wondering how on Earth you’re going to bring it all together on exam day.

Sound familiar…?

Maybe you’ve tried putting in (yet more) hours, caffeine in hand.

Maybe you’ve already experimented with different study techniques.

Maybe you’ve tried getting extra tutoring.

And it still feels tough. Surely there’s a better way?!

“After I had finished my mock exams I felt like I needed some tips on how to work more efficiently.

Thanks to William’s expertise, I’ve learnt several new ways of studying effectively. I felt a big difference immediately – I can now remember information much more easily.

Jasmine, (high) school student

You could jump a whole grade by studying smarter, not harder

The surprising truth from decades of research and my own unprecedented 30,000-student survey

I’ve surveyed 30,000 students on how they study for exams, in the world’s largest research project of its kind. I ran the study in partnership with leading scientists at the world-renowned Washington University Memory Lab.

Our data shows that a full 97.5% of students could massively improve their exam grades with some simple changes to their study habits, because they are missing out on using proven, effective study strategies.

When you switch to better ways of studying, you unlock huge gains in your grades.

The past decades have seen thousands of scientific studies which illustrate just how big those gains can be. Improvements of 10%-20% higher test scores are not unusual – sometimes even more than that!

That’s enough to move you up a whole grade boundary – all without working any harder. 

Even though I’ve sat and passed countless exams, it turns out that I didn’t know how to study! With William’s help, I developed the confidence to plan my time in advance, write a realistic revision timetable and have improved my ability to recall tricky facts. It was invaluable.

Priya, post-graduate med student

The Evidence: switching to better study habits equals MASSIVE grade improvements



+8% From a planning / reflection exercise
+11% With the right motivation & goals
+32% By using stress-proof study methods

Study Habits


+18% From a better sleep routine
+20% By reducing distraction & increasing focus
+22% With a better note-taking strategy


Learning Methods


+13% From spacing your work out differently
+20% Switching from re-reading to a better learning technique
+25% Changing the order of practice problems


Sources (top to bottom): Pham & Taylor, 1999; Jang, 2008; Smith et al, 2016; Kelly et al, 2001; Thornton et al, 2014; Peper & Mayer, 1986; Kornell, 2009; Roediger & Karpicke, 2006; Rohrer & Taylor, 2007

Exam Study Expert

This stuff works.

There’s nothing complicated about most of these techniques: they can be put into practice very quickly and easily.

But developing a new study strategy takes time – it took me months to research and fine-tune mine.

The biggest results lie in the little details:

  • Which techniques are right for you?
  • When to use the different approaches?
  • How to avoid making mistakes when using the techniques which can really mess up their effectiveness? (Believe me, I’ve been there…)

If only there was a way to shortcut all that hard work and start studying smarter right away… 

“Studying through your techniques has provided me with a fantastic way of learning facts and knowledge efficiently, as time is really used in the most effective way.”

Matthew, (high) school student

There’s a shortcut to studying smarter and getting top grades

The power of working with an expert exam success coach to unlock big results, fast

You might not have realised it…

…but pretty much every high performer alive today has a coach in their corner, to help them achieve more and get there faster.

Elite athletes…

…eminent businesspeople…


…even the Dalai Lama!

They all lean on coaches to help them constantly raise their game and get the biggest results in the shortest time.

I take your exam success as seriously as other people take sport, business or Buddhism.

“That was cool. I really like him. I learnt loads.”

Abi, school student

When you work with an expert study success coach…

…you can shortcut your way to exam success:


  • Quickly discover the best study methods for you and your unique circumstances.
  • Understand how to match the tool to the job for best results.
  • Waste less time by avoiding the common pitfalls even experienced students often fall into.
  • Breathe easy, knowing you have a trusted ally and confidante at your side, offering an experienced ear and much-needed moral support through the ups and downs of exam season.

Now it’s your turn to get a top study coach & learning psychologist in your corner

Introducing your new exam success mentor: William Wadsworth

I know the science…

… in fact, I help to discover it, working with other scientists to advance the research on effective ways to study

Regular speaker at education research conferences (e.g. ResearchED, BERA)

Degree in psychology (Cambridge, 2012)

I get what it takes…

Cambridge University First Class (Hons), top 0.01% student in UK public exams

Making “study best practice” work for you in the messy, complex world of being a student in the real world

Coaching with heart and understanding

& I’m a trusted teacher…

“Science of learning” training for both teachers and students at leading schools & universities

Blog & podcast trusted by almost half a million students every single year in 200 countries

A decade’s experience working 1:1 with students, to help them get top grades

“William captured the interest of all staff. He explained, in simple terms how the brain works with regards to memory and then gave some exceptional examples to provide evidence for his points. He was excellent and I would highly recommend him.

Alex Wallace, Deputy Headteacher

at one of the UK’s top-ranked schools

“William has taught me how to study successfully and be most effective through his deep understanding of educational psychology, and allowed me to understand how to better manage my time and study more productively. I’m pleased to say that this has been highly beneficial for my degree grade!

Alexander, University student (Bath)

Ready to transform your grade?

How I coach students like you to spectacular exam success – without the stress

A comprehensive approach: 5 pillars of exam success


We can work on 1, 2, 3 or all five areas of your study strategy, depending on your needs.

1. Mindset Mastery: conquer anxiety, get motivated and achieve more with the psychology of peak performance

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Struggling with exam stress or test anxiety?

Just can’t seem to maintain your motivation to study?

Worrying that you’re not good enough, that you’re not worthy?

Or simply feeling overwhelmed by how much you’ve got to do?

Then allow me to help you get to the heart of the problem, and let’s get you back in control of your mindset, and lay the foundations of your success.

Study Habits

2. Smarter Study Habits: strategies to take control of your time, energy and attention, and get more done

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Finding it hard to fit in the hours?

Getting derailed by distractions, or losing time in the “dark playground” of the perpetual procrastinator?

Feeling low in energy, and relying on coffee, sugary treats and energy drinks to get through the day?

Or just a bit stuck when it comes to planning the perfect study timetable?

Then work with me to design a complete study system, based on proven productivity strategies, but 100% personalised to your way of working.

No more excuses.

No more wasted time.

No more late nights and last-minute panics.

It’s time to take control of your routine, and discover your perfect path to Getting Things Done.

Learning Methods

3. Learn Faster & Remember More: how to supercharge your memory with the science of learning

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Staring at a mountain of knowledge that you need to learn for your exam?

Feeling that no matter how long you spend on a topic, you always forget some (or most) of it two weeks later?

Worrying how you’ll ever be able to remember it all on exam day?

As a Cambridge-trained learning psychologist, the memory is an endless source of fascination to me, and so I LOVE teaching the science of effective learning.

But I’m not just some scientist who has no idea about the messy reality of trying to get through another week at school or college: I’m also a highly experienced coach and mentor.

So I’ll not only make the principles easy to understand, but also show you my battle-tested secrets to put best practice into practice, fast.

Test taking strategies

4. Mark-Maximising Test-Day Tactics: exam technique secrets to hit top marks when it counts

Click here to learn more...

This one’s a bit of a personal favourite – no-one teaches this stuff. (So much so, I wrote a whole book on it.)

The tactics you use to keep your mind “match-fit” through exam week.

The memory-recall and problem-solving strategies you use in the exam itself.

How to read the examiner’s mind and give them EXACTLY what they want.

It all adds up to a BIG winning margin on exam day: and the best bit about this part is you don’t even need to do any more studying to improve your grade!

If you have exams to take, I’d recommend we spend at least some time discussing the test-day tactics that will make the most difference to your mark, and coming up with a bespoke exam “gameplan” to help you land the grade you deserve.

Better writer, better grade

5. Better Writer, Better Grade: score higher in exam essays and written assignments / dissertations

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Do you have a lot of writing to do – either in the form of timed essays in exams, or as written assignments, coursework or dissertations?

Then learn to write.

“What?” – I hear you say – “I’ve got as far as [e.g. college / university], I think I know how to write by now!”

You’d be surprised…

I know first-hand how taking your writing to the next level can take your GRADE to the next level.

I was a borderline candidate for a top grade in my final year at Cambridge University. If I’m honest, I already thought I was a pretty great writer.

But I was persuaded to spend 4 sessions working 1:1 with a writing coach – I discovered there was SO MUCH more I could do to write better. I upped my game, and got the top grade.

Since then, writing has been an enormous part of my life, as a published author and widely-read blogger, and I love passing on my passion for well-crafted academic writing to help the next generation of students boost their essay and assignment scores.

I’ve got the perfect programme for you

From a single “troubleshooter” session to the ultimate in ongoing study mentoring

Work with me from anywhere in the world over Zoom video call.

I’m based in the UK but can accommodate most time zones. I have helped clients from every continent except Antarctica, including many from the USA and Canada, Australia, Europe, and more. The only requirement is that you’re comfortable being coached in English.

Sessions are 50 minutes long.

“Incredible. Absolutely brilliant, couldn’t recommend William enough. [My son] loved working with him. In hindsight we should have got him on board much sooner.”

Barbara, parent

I’ve learned so much with William, and in particular, learned so much about myself. He’s not only helped me to start doing well in exams again, but helped me regain my confidence. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Ben, US college student

Take the first step to stress-free exam success today


Most first-time clients start out with a 15-minute no-obligation consultation call to:

  • Get to know each other and confirm we’re a good fit 🙂
  • Custom-build the perfect coaching plan for you

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get that call in the diary, and let’s get on your way to the grades of your dreams!

“As an educator myself, I was very discerning when seeking support for our son. As a college freshman double-majoring in Biology and Chemistry, he would often lock himself away in a study room for 14 hours at time, but retain very little from it.

After failing several exams, we were desperate to help him. In high school, he’d been a straight A student and never had trouble retaining material before. As his second year began at university, our son was becoming more discouraged and began to think he wasn’t capable of learning. His lifelong dream of becoming a surgeon was starting to feel unachievable.

I knew I needed to find someone to teach him not just how to study, but how to shift his mindset.

We found that in the Exam Study Expert in the very first session.

William worked on essential skills and tools for powerful studying, and discussed how to use his time effectively so that he can work less hard but remember much more.

After three sessions, our son achieved an “A” on a Biology exam. 

We are so happy to have found the Exam Study Expert to not only teach our son how to study to achieve the grades he is aiming for, but to help navigate the experience in a healthy, positive way. Shaping a positive and effective mindset is the most important strategy that William teaches.

As parents, we are forever grateful.

Jenny, mother of University / College student

In case you were wondering…

Is exam success coaching going to work for me?

I think we’re going to be a great fit for each other if:

  • You’re a student at school, university or college facing exams or assignments / dissertations
  • OR you’re taking professional qualifications e.g. as a junior doctor, accountant or finance professional
  • AND you have to want it – you don’t have to be aiming for the top of the class (though you might be!), and you might be struggling with day-to-day motivation and discipline, but ultimately, you have to want “success” as your goal for this to work.

I would not recommend my coaching programmes for you if:

  • You don’t want to put in the work: don’t worry if you’re struggling to get work done at the moment – I can absolutely help you to get over that hurdle – all I ask is that you want to make it work.
  • You’re not ready to be coached: you’ll need to talk openly about what’s working and what’s not.
  • You’re struggling to make ends meet: I try to keep my rates as affordable as I can, but if you’re in financial difficulties, start with my free resources.

Your questions, answered

How much are the coaching sessions?

Sessions start from £105 / $120 – please see the pricing table above.

Who / what ages do you work with?

The majority of my work is with:

  • (High) School Students from approx. age 15 and up, e.g. for GCSEs / A-Levels (UK) and SATs / APs (US)
  • College / University students
  • Professionals (of any age!) taking post-graduate exams or professional qualifications

I am based in London, but I’ve worked with students from around the world: the US and Canada, Asia, Central and Southern America, as well as of course, the UK.

How do you deliver the coaching sessions?

Via video call (Google Meet / Zoom) – which allows me to work with clients worldwide.

Which coaching package is right for me?

There’s no single answer to this: every student is different, which is why I offer different packages in the first place!

The best way to answer this is to suggest that, if you’re considering exam study coaching with me, you book yourself a consultation call so we can discuss your circumstances and what might be the best option for you.

 But as a rough guide, the most popular option is the three-session scholarship package.

Can I switch between different packages?

Sure, no worries – if it becomes clear you want more (or less) help than you at first thought, we’ll get you switched on to the right package, and I’ll make sure any fees are adjusted accordingly (including retrospectively, if necessary).

For example, if you take the 6-Session “VIP” Fellowship Programme (6 sessions at £105 / session = £630) and you only use 4 sessions, we will right-size you to the next package down, which is the “3 x Session Scholarship Package”. You now only owe for 4 sessions, but at the Scholarship rate or £120 per session, so total owed is 4 x £120 = £480. You will be refunded the remaining £150 (£630 – £480 = £150).

This is to protect the integrity of our pricing structure and prevent abuse (e.g. guarding against someone signing up the VIP programme with the pre-meditated intention of cancelling after a single session, and thereby accessing a single session at the VIP rate of £105 rather than the regular price of £175 for a single session – that wouldn’t be allowed, as I’m sure you appreciate!)

In the other direction, you are free to upgrade to bigger packages any time, simply pay the difference. For example, if you have already paid £175 for a single session and decide you’d like 3, you only need pay the balance on the difference between the Scholarship Package and the single Problem-Solver Session (£360 – £175 = £185 to pay) to add an additional two sessions to your programme.

I’m an experienced student – I’ve been taking exams for [many] years and have found the study methods I like. Why should I start doing things differently?

Here’s the thing – the best performers in any field are constantly finding new (and better) ways of doing things. That’s what keeps them at the top.

As you go further in your academic career, you may find that what used to work for you is no longer sufficient. Your old (high) school note-making strategy may have got you through your SATs and APs or your A-Levels, but that’s simply not cutting it any more.

No matter how experienced you are (or how much you’ve already read up on ways to study), I’ve yet to meet a single student who can’t make at least some changes to optimise their study strategy, and get (even) higher grades.

If you have ways of working that you really like, I rarely advise completely throwing everything out of the window – but rather, I’ll suggest ways to adapt and modify what you do today, to make it much more efficient.

It’s the best of both worlds: your new study strategies will feel similar to what you did previously, but you’ll get far better results from them.

I’m a parent – how do I know my [son / daughter] is going to get on with you?

I love working with a huge range of young people – it probably helps that it wasn’t so many years ago when I was a student myself (my 30th birthday is looming at the time of writing this…).

I’d normally recommend inviting your child to join us on a consultation call if it’s being booked by a parent – that way we can confirm that we’re a good match for each other.

How is study coaching different to tutoring?

A tutor acts as an extension of your teachers (or lecturers), helping teach you the material you need to know for your course, reinforcing your knowledge and understanding, and helping you to practise using it.

I had an extensive background in conventional tutoring, so I know that a good tutor can be a great source of support in helping you get on top of your course materials.

But unless you can afford to retain a tutor’s services for hours every single day, you will have to supplement tutoring with your own independent study.

And that’s where study coaching comes in: I’ll show the techniques you need to know in order to be far, far more effective in your own study time, and get far better grades than you would otherwise.

If your budget can accommodate it, study coaching can be a great complement to traditional tutoring – for VIP Fellowship clients, I’m even happy to speak to your tutor(s) to make sure their lessons support the study plan I’ve designed for you.

On the other hand, if budget is relatively tight, you’ll find that a small investment in study coaching (perhaps just 1-3 sessions) could transform your ability to get results on your own – saving you months of regular tutoring bills.

Can I book you as a tutor?

These days, I’m almost entirely focused on study coaching – however, I’m always happy to consider individual circumstances. I have most experience tutoring in the UK school exam system, especially GCSE and A-Level sciences and business studies.

Please email me directly to discuss.

Who should be / can be on the consultation call?

The person who is going to be coached – the student – is almost always on the initial consultation call.

Mums and Dads are very welcome to join too, especially if you are the one who found me in the first place.

Occasionally, parents value being able to discuss more delicate / sensitive issues around their child’s education with me directly – I’m very happy to have these conversations, this normally means we need two separate consultation calls (the first just between me and Mum / Dad, and the second with your child, either with or without parents).

What if it's not working out?

Consultations do not carry a cost, and are designed to confirm we’re a good fit before we enrol you on a coaching programme.

If you feel things are not working out after our first session together, please let me know as soon as possible. We can end our coaching programme at that point, switching you onto the appropriate package (a single session) and refunding the difference between what you have already paid for the package your chose, and the price of our 1-session “Problem Solver” package (currently £175).

The 1-session package is non-refundable unless we were unable to deliver the session.

Do you ever offer any discounts?

You will never find my prices discounted below the standard prices shown on the rate card.

I am unable to offer scholarships at this time: I would encourage you to start by absorbing the considerable amount of free material I have created for the blog and podcast.

I can, however, offer a bounty for successful new client referrals, to substantially reduce the cost of your next coaching session – see “can I refer a friend” below.

Can I refer a friend?

Please do.

As a “thank you” for successful referrals, I will be glad to apply a 50% discount to your next study coaching session.

You may “stack” multiple referrals – so for every two successful referrals, you could earn a completely free session.

Just be sure to ask your friend to mention that you sent them my way, so that I know to offer you the referral bounty.

Note that discounts and free sessions are not transferrable to other students, and may not be sold or traded in for cash or other products / services.

Do you have a cancellation / rescheduling policy?

Last-minute cancellations and reschedule requests deprive other clients of coaching time, so my cancellation / rescheduling policy is designed to encourage you to be courteous to your fellow students, and uphold the appointments you requested.

For coaching sessions, you may reschedule sessions an unlimited number of times, provided you give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice each time. I reserve the right to charge the session fee for late-notice reschedule requests, or for outright cancellations. I will apply discretion and judgement: “first time offenders” are always offered a free pass, and long-standing clients (especially VIP Fellowship clients) will normally be offered more flexibility.

Are you qualified and / or certified to work with young people?


Qualification-wise, I hold a First Class degree from Cambridge University where I “majored” in Psychology, with a particular specialism in learning and memory.

I have full DBS clearance (“Enhanced” level), the UK government’s standard certification system required to work unsupervised with young people (minors).

“Had a parents meeting this evening – everyone seems amazed by how much he’s transformed. His teachers said he’s gone from a D grade to an A grade after working with you over the holidays. So really, thank you!”

Claire, parent