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Meet your new study mentor:

William Wadsworth

I help students find an easier path to exam success, by translating brain science into highly practical study techniques (that really work).

I understand the science of memory and productivity (First Class Hons Psychology, Cambridge University).

But I also talk to real students virtually every single day. I deeply understand what it takes to make effective study strategies work in the real world.

Between this blog and the Exam Study Expert podcast, I have the honour of guiding over one million students to exam success, every year.

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    Exam success coaching

    For Students: 1-on-1 Exam Success Coaching

    Work with me to design the perfect study strategy for you and your unique circumstances.

    Shortcut your way to success in exams at school or university, or as part of your career.

    Learn faster, remember more, worry less…

    … and get the grades you deserve.


    Revision technique and study skills workshops

    For Schools: Revision Workshops / Staff CPD

    Boost your exam grades this year with the power of smarter revision techniques. My richly interactive workshops equip students with the study skills they need for success.

    Or get your staff up to speed on the science of memory, with a CPD keynote that fuses fascinating psychology with robust practical takeaways.


    Even though I’ve sat and passed countless exams, it turns out that I didn’t know how to study! William’s help was invaluable.”

    Priya, post-graduate medical student

    “I’ve learnt several new ways of studying effectively. I felt a big difference immediately – I can now remember information much more easily.”

    Jasmine, (high) school student

    Outsmart Your Studies Book

    Outsmart Your Studies: your guide to smarter strategies for faster learning

    Lots to learn for your exams?

    Discover how to study smarter, not harder with the science of truly effective exam revision techniques.

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    Outsmart Your Exams book cover

    Outsmart Your Exams: the book that gets you the marks when it counts

    No more “couldn’t remember”.

    No more “ran out of time”.

    No more botched exam essays.

    Your new secret weapon for scoring maximum marks when it matters most.

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    Exam Study Expert Podcast

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