Welcome to the Exam Study Expert: here to help you do outstandingly in your exams by using memory science and productivity psychology to revolutionise the way you study and transform your results.

Because a great set of grades opens door to a great career, and a life of comfort, and fulfilment.

Science has proven that old-fashioned but popular revision techniques like note-taking, summarising, re-reading and mind-mapping could be costing you a whole grade or more in your exams.

The solution is in the latest learning and memory science: powerful techniques that are proven to have dramatic impact when used correctly, but that very few students are using.

I’m a Cambridge psychologist, full-time study skills researcher, coach, speaker and author, and I’m DETERMINED to get my students fantastic grades. My only question: will you be one of them?

I offer coaching and courses for students ready to take their skills to the next level:

  • The Revision Bootcamp: A high-impact one-day bootcamp featuring all six of our signature courses, teaching you absolutely everything you need to know about how to study for and pass your exams, from learning and memory psychology to our unique “mark maximiser” exam technique masterclass.
  • Personal Exam Coaching: my personal support (usually over Skype) to make sure you’re doing what you need to do to unlock top grades in your exams. Whether you’re looking for a one-off session to kick-start your revision / review programme and come up with an effective preparation strategy, or whether you’d like weekly support to make sure you stay on track, I’d be happy to help.

I also offer workshops and seminars for educational institutions:

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