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You take your exam success seriously

What’s YOUR why? 

Exam success open doors…

… land your dream place at college, university and beyond

… take the next leap in your career

… for whatever’s important to you in life: comfort and security, to take care of yourself and your family

… success feels GOOD

Celebrating your results with friends, family or colleagues

And that inner glow, knowing you did it! 

It's hard to study well

Yet the frustrations can be all too real

Hey, we’ve all been there… 

Frustrated student with a pile of books

All those different study / revision techniques – which strategy is going to help ME learn MY course most effectively?

Feeling overwhelmed, wondering how you’ll ever memorise it all in time.

Certain you could be getting through it faster, if only you could get down to work when you intend to, rather than procrastinating / losing focus.

Where are the hours supposed to fit in to a busy rest-of-life – other class commitments, career commitments, family commitments and more?

Will it all come together in time for exam day?

Let me be totally honest with you for a moment:

I’ve surveyed 50,000 students* and personally taught THOUSANDS**…

… EVERYBODY has room to make things easier by improving their study strategy! 

Though, of course, not everybody is being held back by the same things.

Some of my students are quite close to having an amazing learning strategy, but can’t stick to a schedule. (Though even then, I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t have SOME room for improvement to accelerate learning and maximise retention!)

Some have iron discipline and great productivity systems, but are overwhelmed and super-anxious about exam day.

Others still don’t yet know how to study effectively, and are pouring time and energy into relatively ineffective approaches to learning. (No wonder they feel frustrated by a lack of progress. Or if they’re bright and earlier on in their academic journey, they might be “getting away” with poor study strategy – but trust me, it won’t work forever!)

* 50,000 responses to our flagship Revision Census programme over a 4-year period
** “Taught” = either as 1:1 private coach (200+ students / clients to date), or as group workshop leader in schools / universities (20,000+ attendees to date)

I’ve learnt several new ways of studying effectively.

I felt a big difference immediately – I can now remember information much more easily.

- Coaching client

Even though I’ve sat and passed countless exams, it turns out that I didn’t know how to study! I developed the confidence to plan my time in advance, write a realistic revision timetable and improved my ability to recall tricky facts.

It was invaluable.

- Coaching client

Introducing: the Study Smarter Network

Exam Study Expert’s signature exam success programme

The ultimate support system to unlock your dream exam results, with less work and less stress

Learn and Connect

Live workshops and study strategy clinics to grow understanding and inspire action

Troubleshoot and Level Up

A library of succinct, powerful on-demand courses to master all aspects of your study strategy

Support and Guidance

Weekly Office Hours for Q&A and personalised advice on your specific circumstances & challenges

I felt I was missing a trick, I couldn’t concentrate, and the material was not sticking.

I learned how to focus and use my time for studying wisely.

Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their study technique and in turn their grades!

- Coaching client

Studying through your techniques has provided me with a fantastic way of learning facts and knowledge efficiently, as time is really used in the most effective way.

- Coaching client

Unboxing the Study Smarter Network

A powerful combination of study strategy courses plus personalised guidance to help unlock your success, all in one simple membership

Study Smarter Network members will get access to every online course and programme I offer to help you study smarter.

What’s in the pic above is just the start. After that, I’ll take your feedback on what additional course materials I should provide for you. You let me know what you need help with, I’ll provide it! 

Click here to learn more about how you can enjoy the courses

– The Ace Your Exams Planning Party and Study Smarter Walkthrough will both be available at launch (March 2023)

– Total Memory Mastery and the Productivity Power-Up Pack will be added in April 2023 (a combination of live workshops and on-demand material)

– Exam Success Secrets: Test-Taking Tips for Higher Marks will be added in May 2023 (based on a live workshop)

– The Scholar’s Way: 30 Day Mindset Reboot is scheduled for September 2023

Most courses will include a live workshop element (sometimes more than one). Your membership includes access to the live workshop, which you can join for added interactivity and fun, or you can self-study via the Study Smarter Network course library at your leisure.

This is all backed up by weekly Office Hours for personalised Q&A and support.

Send in your questions any time by text or voice message via a private support channel (Voxer) with me. I will reply with the guidance you need in Office Hours on Wednesdays.

Or bring your questions along to our live monthly group Q&A calls on Zoom.

I’m here to make sure you get the results, every step of the way. 

I’m confident now that I can implement your strategy for me, and pass those pesky exams in April. Thank you so much for getting me this far!

- Coaching client

I learned how to better manage my time and study more productively. I’m pleased to say that this has been highly beneficial for my degree grade!

- Coaching client

Unwrapping the Study Smarter Network core courses

Take the guesswork out of efficient exam prep with our our next-level expert systems for learning, revision, time management, exam taking and more.

Everything you need to succeed!


course thumbnail for Total Memory Mastery


Total Memory Mastery:

$225 INCLUDED for Study Smarter Network members!

Staring at a mountain of knowledge that you need to learn for your exam?

Forgetting what you studied last week?

Worrying how you’ll ever be able to remember it all on exam day?

Total Memory Mastery is the answer to your prayers: proven techniques to accelerate learning and maximise knowledge retention, no matter how much you have to learn!

And even if you feel you’ve got your study technique nailed down: trust me, there are still some handy tricks I can teach you to save you time and score you more marks 😉

Everything you learn is rooted in cutting-edge memory psychology, made super-easy to actually put into action consistently: highly practical strategies that will get you learning faster and remembering more than ever!

Click here to learn more about Total Memory Mastery

Total Memory Mastery includes:

  • Secrets of Memory Part 1: Make it Click: the first of a two-part live workshop series breaking down how memory really works, so we can understand how to “hack” learning as students. Make It Click covers working memory and building initial understanding (recorded live on Monday 26th June 2023, replay available after).
  • Secrets of Memory Part 2: Make It Stick: how to get information into long-term memory, keep it there, and access it readily when it matters most (recorded live on Monday 10th July 2023, replay available after)
  • [COMING SOON] The Remember-It Recipe Walkthroughs: a series of on-demand video walkthroughs to help you master all of my recommended study strategies, including flashcards, blank page retrieval, and practice questions. Expert-level advice you won’t find anywhere else to help you master your chosen strategy. (Released July-August)
  • The Tech Vault: digital learning platforms aren’t the only way to go, but they’re popular for a reason – they work. But no tool is perfect: get our detailed step-by-step advice to master your chosen learning app in the Tech Vault video walkthrough series. Anki walkthrough already available (45 min video), Brainscape and Quizlet coming soon.

Really interesting, learnt new things and new methods of revision. Very interactive and engaging.

- Student feedback after workshop

There were some different tips about revision compared to the other revision talks we have had in the past.

- Student feedback after workshop

Very engaging seminar, providing new useful revision ideas and practical that will help me to revise more effectively!

- Student feedback after workshop

course thumbnail for the Productivity Power-Up Pack


Productivity Power-Up Pack

$85 INCLUDED for Study Smarter Network members!

Procrastinating when you should be studying? Getting derailed by distractions?

Feeling low in energy, stuck for how to fit in the time, or not sticking to your plan?

Let’s craft your perfect system: use proven productivity strategies and science-based brain hacks to unleash full focus and master your schedule and to-do list like never before.

No more overwhelm.

No more excuses.

No more late nights and last-minute panics.

It’s time to take control and start studying on your terms!

Click here to learn more about the Productivity Power-Up Pack

The Productivity Power-Up Pack includes:

  • Anti-Procrastination Masterclass: build a deep understanding of the science of procrastination, and select the best anti-procrastination tools for your procrastinator profile to get stuff done once and for all! Live workshop recording available now
  • Unshakeable Focus & Taming Your Tasks: Brain hacks to maximise your concentration and develop total focus, plus a complete system for managing your time and tasks. Live workshop recording, available now
  • Energy Boosting Tips: the essential ingredient for focus, learning and memory with psychologist Dr Alix Hibble
  • [COMING SOON] Designing Your Perfect Routine

I will be much more organised about my studying – this has helped me a lot.

- Student feedback after workshop

I will now plan out when I will do what revision and how long for, so I can not overwork myself.

- Student feedback after workshop

Informative, very interesting, eye-opening.

- Student feedback after workshop

course thumbnail for Exam Success Secrets: Test-Taking Tips for Higher Marks


Exam Success Secrets: Test-Taking Tips for Higher Marks

$85 INCLUDED for Study Smarter Network members!

You’ve had your nose in the books for months to be ready. Yet so many students fall short of the mark they deserve on exam day.

Memory lapses, silly errors, timing issues, nerves

How do you know you can deliver on test day?

It’s time to take your exam scores to new heights.

It’s time to turn exam-day success from lottery to science.

Cutting-edge memory techniques. The psychology of performing under pressure. Deep insights into what the examiner wants, and how to deliver it.

The result of your dreams is within reach. Let’s make sure you achieve what you’ve earned.

Click here to learn more about Exam Success Secrets: Test-Taking Tips for Higher Marks

You’ll learn:
– How to handle pressure and build your winners mindset
– Keys to written answers to get top scores
– How to create a master exam taking plan for success
– Cunning tactics to score the highest possible marks, even on tough questions
– How to improve your memory recall, to guarantee great results

Exam Success Secrets includes:

  • Exam Success Planning Workshop: build your exam week timetable, your no-risk checklist and strategic exam gameplan to maximise your mark (replay of a live workshop recording)
  • Digital workbook to fill in as we work through the planning exercises (you can also print it out if you prefer a hard copy)
  • Top Tips for Exam Season: 2 on-demand mini-lessons on handling the pressure, and what to do the day before an exam
  • Top Tips To Score More Marks: 4 on-demand mini-lessons secrets for the exam hall itself, from getting past tricky questions to maximising your memory recall to avoiding silly mistakes
  • Top Tips for MCQs: 4 on-demand mini-lessons on acing your multiple choice question strategy

It’s everything you need to ace the test and get the right result when it matters most.

Everything in Exam Success Secrets is available instantly when you log into your Study Smarter Network class library.

Your tips and techniques really did help me, especially the active recall strategies, particularly for the MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions).

- Coaching client

Had a parents meeting this evening – everyone seems amazed by how much he’s transformed. His teachers said he’s gone from a D grade to an A grade. So really, thank you!

- Parent of a coaching client

thumbnail for The Scholar's Way course


The Scholar’s Way: 30 Day Mindset Reboot

$145 INCLUDED for Study Smarter Network members!

Give me 30 days, and I’ll give you peace, purpose, freedom, flow and .. dare I say.. maybe even fun in your studies once more. (Or maybe for the first time ever!)

Each day, I’ll share a high-value mini-lesson (5-10 mins) on an important aspect of scholar’s mindset, with a prompt for reflection. Journal on it, answer it by email or just muse on it, it’s guaranteed to get your gears turning.

Over the 30 days, we’ll touch on: your motivations, your goals and your beliefs; your approach to planning and prioritising; finding flow and focus; the stories you tell yourself; managing pressure, anxiety and overwhelm; and habits for healthy brain and body. So many of these areas come up time and again when working with students on their mindset.

Because when we can get all this stuff a little straighter, a little clearer, it’s amazing how much progress you can make in your studies. (Also, you feel much better!)

Click here to learn more about The Scholar's Way: 30 Day Mindset Reboot

Some days will be quite practical, like identifying and solving sources of distraction in your studies, or re-examining and improving your study routine.

Or a challenge to identify a “stop list”: things you could stop (or pause) either in your studies or in other areas of your life, to make room for the most important things and feel less overwhelmed.

Other days will work on deeper subjects, like identifying limiting beliefs in your studying, getting clear about what’s really holding you back and finding ways to break through.

Or figuring out where the sources of pressure are coming from in your life, so you can at least begin to alleviate them.

On-demand material released daily throughout September 2023: a daily video lesson and, if you wish, a daily email with a link to the video plus the prompt for reflection. A group Q&A call after the end of the 30 days to take stock, address questions and integrate lessons learned going forward.

I’ve learned so much with William, and in particular, learned so much about myself. He’s not only helped me to start doing well in exams again, but helped me regain my confidence. I couldn’t be more grateful.

- Coaching client

PLUS: enjoy lifetime access to both of my mini-courses

Follow the video lessons in your own digital workbook to help you find your purpose, plan your routine, and evaluate your study system using my “Wheel of Studying” visualisation. A great starting point for new members!


Thumbnail for the Smarter Study Walkthrough course

Sometimes, a clear example of putting all the ideas into practice is what’s needed to help it all click into place for you. I break down my entire study system that got me a First Class Hons. degree from Cambridge University.


I will reread less and use flashcards a lot more when revising.

- Student feedback after workshop

Really great advice on new note-making strategies. Would definitely recommend it. How he combined the science with his advice was really cogent.

- Student feedback after workshop

In exams, it will help me guide my revision instead of doing what I fancied and not being that effective.

- Student feedback after workshop

It’s all underpinned by personalised support and guidance

Weekly Office Hours for Q&A, to make sure you’re getting the right advice for YOU

Questions about putting stuff into action?

Need advice about the right approach for YOU?

Or simply wondering where to start?

I’m here to help every step of the way with a two-part system:

Part A: Send in your questions any time, day or night, using my Q&A platform (Voxer). I will reply to your questions in Office Hours every Wednesday.

You can use text or audio messages (like voice notes) – I will likely reply with a mixture. Everyone gets their private channel to talk to me.

Part B: I will also go live once a month for a group Zoom call for live Q&A and advice. These calls are recorded, replays available on demand. Bring your own queries, or just pop in to learn and get inspired!

The first round of “Office Hours” will be on April 12th, weekly thereafter.

I’m on a roll, someone stop me before I get carried away…

There are even some pretty handy bonus classes to look forward to!

Especially for school students (and their parents):

  • A workshop on writing your personal statement for uni applications.
  • My highly-regarded “Tackling Tough Interview Questions” workshop for uni / college applications.
  • And for parents, dedicated “parents-only” Q&A calls.

Especially for university / college students:

  • Dr Alix Hibble, (my colleague) will record a special mini-course on transitioning to university, and improving your academic writing at degree level and beyond. (She’s worked as a Lecturer in Study Skills for Oxford University, so she knows her stuff here!!)

Especially for professionals taking advanced exams:

  • A bonus lesson on how to fit the work in around a busy day job (and perhaps family life).
  • A workshop sharing my framework for managing learning seemingly-overwhelming amounts of information for highly-demanding boards, certifications etc.

The ultimate support system to unleash your exam success this year

Join today to enjoy ALL OF THIS:


Learn faster, overcome procrastination and outsmart your exams


The guidance you need to make this work for YOU

… you’ll even enjoy some VERY SPECIAL BONUSES

… all for just $30 / month 

Renews at $30 each month, you’re free to leave any time by cancelling your membership before your monthly renewal date.

Renews at $300 each year, simply cancel any time before your payment anniversary if you don’t want your plan to renew.

I received the letter last night that I had passed my exam. I cannot thank you enough for your help in tackling this massive exam- your strategies allowed me to approach such a huge and intimidating exam study process in a manageable way and it was so helpful to have a strategy to follow with the focus on retrieval.

I am so relieved. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! You are a miracle worker.

- Coaching client

Get a top exam success expert in your corner

Introducing your new mentor: William Wadsworth

I know the science…

… in fact, I help to discover it, working with other scientists to advance the research on effective ways to study

Regular speaker at education research conferences (e.g. ResearchED, BERA)

Degree in psychology (Cambridge, 2012)

I get what it takes…

Cambridge University First Class (Hons), top 0.01% student in UK public exams

Making “study best practice” work for you in the messy, complex world of being a student in the real world

Supporting you with heart and understanding

& I’m a trusted teacher…

“Science of learning” training for both teachers and students at leading schools & universities

Blog & podcast has been trusted by millions of students and professionals taking exams

A decade’s experience unlocking top exam grades as coach and trainer / speaker

Students aced their exams after 1:1 private coaching with us

Students helped in our live workshops and trainings

Students & teachers trust our blog / podcast every year for support

William’s deep subject knowledge and engaging, interactive style have proved a winning formula, and learners are already reporting a positive impact on their independent study and test / exam revision.

- Teacher, after workshops for students and parents

William’s expert knowledge was gratefully received by our students and they most certainly gained some valuable tips on how to cope with the up and coming exams and assessments, in terms of revision techniques and strategies for the exam hall.

- Teacher, after workshops for students

William has also been widely featured in the media and education conferences as expert specialist on revision and exam preparation

The Times logo

 Featured “how to revise” expert across 5 separate articles to date (example linked here – no paywall)

ISA independent schools association logo

Heads’ Conference speaker

BERA British Education Research Association logo

British Education Research Association – presenting paper on our research (UK’s leading education research conference)

ResearchED logo

Regular conference speaker at researchED events for teachers

Absolutely fantastic. I ditched another session I was booked on to come to the second half!

- Teacher, after staff training

Brilliant session, really thought-provoking – great to combine the theory with practical ideas.

- Teacher, after staff training

Excellent training – best I’ve had in quite some time.

- Teacher, after staff training

Exceptional teaching, for exceptional results

Ingenious, next-level strategies with crystal-clear action plans and templates…

…interactive exercises and “experiments” and gorgeous presentation materials…

…it’s all the things that have made our work so well-regarded for years

The courses you’re getting access to include the “greatest hits” from the material we have been delivering to live audiences for years! We’re hired by schools and universities, to speak to students, parents, and even run professional development for teachers themselves.

I’d estimate that we’ve presented some of our core slides at least 500 times to live audiences (and that’s a conservative estimate at that).

That’s not to mention thousands and thousands thousands of hours of 1:1 coaching work with students.

William Wadsworth teaching live

William explained, in simple terms how the brain works with regards to memory and then gave some exceptional examples to provide evidence for his points. He was excellent.

- Teacher, after student workshops and staff training

Explained things that I thought were complicated, but in a simple way.

- Student feedback after workshop

That means you’re getting finely-tuned, battle-tested material that is:

  • Not only based on robust science and psychology, supported by vast scientific data…
  • …it’s also worked time and again for literally thousands of live students who have been taught these ideas by us in our live workshops or through our 1-on-1 coaching work

That’s not to say there’s one single formula that works for everyone…

In many areas, I recommend a “menu” of different techniques and tactics in the courses.

If you need helping working out which option is right for YOU and the specific circumstances you’re facing, that’s precisely what Office Hours are for! Come ask me – I’m here to help 🙂

The bottom line: this stuff will work for you, too

In fact, I guarantee it 🙂


The Study Smarter Network Results Promise

If you’re not seeing the improvements you’re looking for in your ability to learn information, organise your routine, focus or whatever area(s) you were looking for help with: your first port of call should be reaching out for 1:1 guidance via the Office Hours.

Some of the techniques we teach are quite subtle, and small tweaks to how you implement them can make a big difference. In select circumstances, I may even offer some live 1:1 coaching time to make sure you’re getting the results you’re looking for.

If I can’t help, I will be only too happy to make things right by refunding all Study Smarter Network annual membership fees you paid within the last 60 days.

Sorry, no refunds on the monthly option, but you’re welcome to cancel your plan after the first month if it’s not working out.

I was an experienced student but felt out of practice, and the stakes for my exam were high.

William helped me improve my performance under time pressure, as well as techniques to improve the quality of my study based on my learning tendencies.

I will take those techniques through the rest of my training.

His methods were a game-changer.

- Coaching client

Your questions, answered

I’m taking [INSERT YOUR COURSE / EXAM HERE]. Can the Study Smarter Network really help me?


We have supported people of all ages, stages, course types and exam types over the years! And I have only become more and more convinced there are a set of foundational skills that will serve you well no matter what you’re studying for.

That said, everyone’s a bit different, that’s why we offer the Office Hours to answer your questions about how to apply the strategies in your specific situation.

My exams are only a few months away, is it still worth joining?

The content in the Study Smarter Network has been planned to time nicely with exams starting in May 2023 or any time thereafter.

The Network has been priced to represent excellent value even if you only need it for a few months – our assumption is that you’d be a heavier user of the courses and Q&A support during this time, vs someone whose exams are, say, Spring 2024, who would use the Network a similar amount but over a longer timespan.

If your final exams are very soon, e.g. in April, and after that, you’re done with exams forever, I would not recommend the Study Smarter Network. 1-on-1 coaching may be a better fit.

Can I ask whether this would be suitable for me?

Sure! Drop me an email, explain the context, and I’ll get right back to you.

I’m an experienced student – I’ve been taking exams for many years and have found the study methods I like. Why should I start doing things differently?

Here’s the thing – the best performers in any field are constantly finding new (and better) ways of doing things. That’s what keeps them at the top.

As you go further in your academic career, you may find that what used to work for you is no longer sufficient. Your old (high) school note-making strategy may have got you through your SATs and APs or your A-Levels, but that’s simply not cutting it any more.

No matter how experienced you are (or how much you’ve already read up on ways to study), I’ve yet to meet a single student who can’t make at least some changes to optimise their study strategy, and get (even) higher grades.

If you have ways of working that you really like, I rarely advise completely throwing everything out of the window – but rather, I’ll suggest ways to adapt and modify what you do today, to make it much more efficient.

It’s the best of both worlds: your new study strategies will feel similar to what you did previously, but you’ll get far better results from them.

Can I refer a friend?


There are some nice bonuses on offer as a “thank you” for spreading the word.

Please ask us for details – william [at]

Who / what ages do you work with?

The majority of my work is with 3 groups of people:

  • (High) School Students from approx. age 15 and up, e.g. for GCSEs / A-Levels (UK) and SATs / APs (US)
  • College / University students (of any age!)
  • Professionals (of any age!) taking post-graduate exams or professional qualifications

I am based in London, but I work regularly with students from around the world: the US and Canada, Asia, Central and Southern America, as well as of course, the UK.

I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of clients 1-on-1, and tens of thousands more in live group workshops. These span students at school, at university, adult learners, and professionals taking exams.

Not everybody is held up by the same challenges.

But there are a common set of challenges that cut across all groups I work with, and those challenges have broadly similar solutions.

There are some slight differences – e.g. how you approach routine and planning will be different if you have a day job and a family. But the underlying principles are still the same.

Will this ever be available monthly?

I’m now trialling the Study Smarter Network monthly option.

What's your refund policy?

If you’re not seeing the improvements you’re looking for in your ability to learn information, organise your routine, focus, or whatever area(s) you were looking for help with, your first port of call should be reaching out for 1:1 guidance via the Office Hours.

Some of the techniques we teach are quite subtle, and small tweaks to how you implement them can make a big difference. In select circumstances, I may even offer some live 1:1 coaching time to make sure you’re getting the results you’re looking for.

If I can’t help, I will be only too happy to make things right by refunding all Study Smarter Network membership fees you paid within the last 60 days.

Sorry, no refunds on the monthly plan, but you’re free to leave after the first month if it’s not working out.

How do cancellations work?

We’re sorry to see you go!

You’re free to leave any time, just click on “Billing” in your account page, and hit the cancel button. You can continue to enjoy full access to all Study Smarter Network services and materials until the end of that billing period (monthly or annual), after which, you’ll automatically lose access.

You’re always welcome to rejoin whenever you need support again in future.

As an educator myself, I was very discerning when seeking support for our son. As a college freshman double-majoring in Biology and Chemistry, he would often lock himself away in a study room for 14 hours at time, but retain very little from it.

After failing several exams, we were desperate to help him. In high school, he’d been a straight A student and never had trouble retaining material before.

As his second year began at university, our son was becoming more discouraged and began to think he wasn’t capable of learning. His lifelong dream of becoming a surgeon was starting to feel unachievable.

I knew I needed to find someone to teach him not just how to study, but how to shift his mindset.

We found that in the Exam Study Expert in the very first session.

William worked on essential skills and tools for powerful studying, and discussed how to use his time effectively so that he can work less hard but remember much more.

After three sessions, our son achieved an “A” on a Biology exam. 

We are so happy to have found the Exam Study Expert to not only teach our son how to study to achieve the grades he is aiming for, but to help navigate the experience in a healthy, positive way.

Shaping a positive and effective mindset is the most important strategy that William teaches.

As parents, we are forever grateful.

- Coaching client

Let’s start your own exam success story:

Wait: last chance to unlock your exam success

Learn faster, remember more, score higher…

…the smarter way to exam success, no matter how much you’ve got to learn