Testimonials: what are people saying?

Exam Success Coaching: Students

“After I had finished my mock exams I felt like I needed some tips on how to work more efficiently.

Thanks to William’s expertise, I’ve learnt several new ways of studying effectively. I felt a big difference immediately – I can now remember information much more easily.

Jasmine, (high) school student

“William has taught me how to study successfully and be most effective through his deep understanding of educational psychology, and allowed me to understand how to better manage my time and study more productively. I’m pleased to say that this has been highly beneficial for my degree grade!

Alexander, University student (Bath)

I’ve learned so much with William, and in particular, learned so much about myself. He’s not only helped me to start doing well in exams again, but helped me regain my confidence. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Ben, US college student

“Studying through your techniques has provided me with a fantastic way of learning facts and knowledge efficiently, as time is really used in the most effective way.”

Matthew, (high) school student

Even though I’ve sat and passed countless exams, it turns out that I didn’t know how to study! With William’s help, I developed the confidence to plan my time in advance, write a realistic revision timetable and have improved my ability to recall tricky facts. It was invaluable.

Priya, post-graduate med student

“That was cool. I really like him. I learnt loads.”

Abi, school student

I can’t tell you how much you’ve changed my life. I know that’s quite a statement.

My high school years were horrible. My English, on the one hand, was extremely developed, and my creativity was skyrocketing. On the other hand, my maths was, well, horrible. I dreaded every maths class.

Additionally, I did not know how to study. Not. A. Single. Clue. 

I was suffering in my grades and also pretty upset.

[Now] for the first time in my life, I’m motivated to 110% and I actually want to sit down and do maths along with other subjects. I’m always anxious, but I somehow feel that even if I don’t go as well as I imagined, I’m ready to try again. And I’m prepared to keep trying until I make it.

My perceptions, values, motivation and confidence has grown so much thanks to you. I’m ready for change and I’m ready now 🙂

Rose, (high) school student

Exam Success Coaching: Professionals

“William is a calm and reassuring coach, methodical in assessing the current conditions of your study life and crafting a bespoke approach to your more effective study habits. Best of all, he leaves you with a roadmap that makes you independent. 


Finance Professional (CIMA exams)

Your tips and techniques really did help me, especially the active recall strategies, particularly for the MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). Thank you for all your help!”


Veterinarian (board certification exams)

I felt I was missing a trick, I couldn’t concentrate, and the material was not sticking. I found myself exploring study techniques… that is when I found William Wadsworth.

William was fantastic!!!! He was always on hand for any questions I had in between our regular meetings.

He taught me how to focus and use my time for studying wisely. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their study technique and in turn their grades!

I also have William’s book and I am a regular listener to his weekly podcast, however, when studying for an exam you cannot beat the one on one sessions, as we all have different challenges.

We all need a coach for different areas of our life… life coach, weight loss coach… but in this ever-changing career generation- knowledge and having qualifications is fundamental for getting ahead. So a study coach is a necessity!


Finance Professional

I am a Radiology trainee, and I found William’s services while I was preparing for an important examination. I was an experienced student but felt out of practice, and the stakes for my exam were high.

William took me through the evidence-based techniques that helped me to improve my performance under time pressure, as well as techniques to improve the quality of my study based on my learning tendencies.

He is friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. I feel that his contribution to my exam preparation was extremely beneficial and I will take those techniques through the rest of my training.

I’d highly recommend William’s services in general, and particularly to other professionals that are preparing for fellowship exams, as I feel his methods were a game-changer.


Medical Professional (Radiology)

Exam Success Coaching: What Parents Thought

“Incredible. Absolutely brilliant, couldn’t recommend William enough. [My son] loved working with him. In hindsight we should have got him on board much sooner.”

Barbara, parent

“Had a parents meeting this evening – everyone seems amazed by how much he’s transformed. His teachers said he’s gone from a D grade to an A grade after working with you over the holidays. So really, thank you!”

Claire, parent

“As an educator myself, I was very discerning when seeking support for our son. As a college freshman double-majoring in Biology and Chemistry, he would often lock himself away in a study room for 14 hours at time, but retain very little from it.

After failing several exams, we were desperate to help him. In high school, he’d been a straight A student and never had trouble retaining material before. As his second year began at university, our son was becoming more discouraged and began to think he wasn’t capable of learning. His lifelong dream of becoming a surgeon was starting to feel unachievable.

I knew I needed to find someone to teach him not just how to study, but how to shift his mindset.

We found that in the Exam Study Expert in the very first session.

William worked on essential skills and tools for powerful studying, and discussed how to use his time effectively so that he can work less hard but remember much more.

After three sessions, our son achieved an “A” on a Biology exam. 

We are so happy to have found the Exam Study Expert to not only teach our son how to study to achieve the grades he is aiming for, but to help navigate the experience in a healthy, positive way. Shaping a positive and effective mindset is the most important strategy that William teaches.

As parents, we are forever grateful.

Jenny, mother of University / College student

School Revision Technique / Study Skills Workshops

“William put together a cumulative study skills programme for multiple year groups, which has been very well-received by not only students but also their parents.

His deep subject knowledge and engaging, interactive style have proved a winning formula, and learners are already reporting a positive impact on their independent study and test / exam revision.”

James Eve, Assistant Headteacher

Study Skills Programme Year 7-13

“William has been a pleasure to work with, as we’ve planned the Sixth Form exam study sessions.

His expert knowledge was gratefully received by our cohort and they most certainly gained some valuable tips on how to cope with the up and coming exams and assessments, in terms of revision techniques and strategies for the exam hall. I’d certainly recommend him.

Rebecca Isdell-Carpenter, Head of Sixth Form

Sixth Form Exam Preparation Workshops

Really interesting, learnt new things and new methods of revision – such as memory journaling, which I am now using to revise. Very interactive and engaging.

Informative, very interesting, eye-opening.

I most enjoyed the fact that there were some different tips about revision compared to the other revision talks I have had in the past. I will definitely be doing more retrieval work!

It was all amazing! I learned so much.

Really great advice on new note-making strategies. Would definitely recommend it. How he combined the science with his advice was really cogent.

I will definitely be using all the retrieval practice tips. Thank you very much!

A very engaging seminar, providing new useful revision ideas that will help me to revise more effectively! The practical advice will go a long way in helping us all to revise better and not necessarily longer! Big thank you to William for his time and advice 🙂

It got the audience to participate which is a great touch to help people engage with the ideas that are given.

Sixth form (Y12-13) feedback

It was very fun and I liked the activities.

I would say that the workshop explained to me things that I initially thought were complicated, but in a simple way.

My favourite part was the design and diagrams on the presentation, and how it involved us, rather than just giving information to us.

I really enjoyed how engaging the teacher was, and how I didn’t feel bored at any point.

I think that particularly in end of year exams, it will help me guide my revision instead of doing what I fancied and not being that effective.

I will reread less and use flashcards a lot more when revising.

It has already shown an impact in the way I do my homework.

I will be much more organised about my studying – this has helped me a lot.

I will now plan out when I will do what revision and how long for, so I can get it stuck in my brain, but at the same time not overwork myself. I will also use the retrieval practice and spaced learning techniques when revising.

Lower school feedback

Teaching Staff Professional Development (CPD)

I wish all staff development could be as useful interesting and relevant as this was!”

Excellent training – best I’ve had in quite some time.

“This session was fantastic, excellent to get some clarification on interleaving, thank you.”

“Thank you – so informative – looking forward to helping my students move forward!”

Lots of useful ideas and very clearly presented.”

Absolutely fantastic. I ditched another session I was booked on to come to the second half!”

Teaching staff feedback

Science of Teaching & Learning Training

“A brilliant session, really thought-provoking – great to combine the theory with practical ideas for the classroom.”

“This will really inform our curriculum planning this year. It was good to have such a clear and succinct summary of the theory behind effective learning. It also highlighted the need to do more around the concept of desirable difficulties.”

“A fantastic start to the PD Day, William’s session led to lots of positive, learning focussed discussions in our department meeting. It has helped at the macro and micro level – staff are considering how to adapt their lessons, and we are exploring ways to adapt our faculty curriculum.”

School senior leadership feedback

Whole-staff professional development day: "applying the science of learning" keynote

“William captured the interest of all staff. He explained, in simple terms how the brain works with regards to memory and then gave some exceptional examples to provide evidence for his points. He gave staff a number of practical ideas to take away and I am in no doubt the staff will share his thoughts with their students. He was an excellent presenter and I would highly recommend him!

Alex Wallace, Deputy Headteacher

Whole-staff professional development day: "memory" keynote

“Thank you William for such an interesting and informative talk on “educating the teenage brain” which was helpful for parents with children of all ages and even us adults! We really enjoyed learning the science behind the different ways to help our children study better and for the practical tips you gave us to use at revision time. It was fantastic, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you again soon!

Sarah-Louise Mascie-Taylor

Training co-ordinator