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    Everything we do for schools & colleges

    Empowering your learners to revise smarter and unleash their exam potential

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    William Wadsworth and Alix Hibble

    Revision Technique & Study Skills Workshop Days

    Have your GCSE, BTEC or A-Level learners hear from the experts, to take their exam prep strategy to the next level!

    Click here to learn more and enquire today.

    Really interesting, learnt new things and new methods of revision. Very interactive and engaging.

    - Sixth former feedback

    There were some different tips about revision compared to the other revision talks we have had in the past. I will definitely be doing more retrieval work!

    - Sixth former feedback

     I will definitely be using all the retrieval practice tips. Thank you very much!

    - Sixth former feedback

    [NEW] Learning To Learn Lesson Resources, Workbooks & Curriculum Consulting

    New for 23-24, we are rolling out “learning to learn” lesson resources / workbooks, and offering curriculum consulting. To learn more, please contact us.

    A Parents' Guide To Exam Success: Parental Engagement Talks

    A lot of revision happens at home, so there’s huge value in getting everyone on the same page about what works. Parents LOVE our talks, we invariably leave with rave reviews from grateful and reassured parents.

    Click here to learn more and enquire today (“Academic Evenings / Exam Success Talks for Parents” about half way down).

    Land Your Place: Oxbridge / Competitive Uni Interview Success Secrets

    Up until recently, this has been a special / “secret” offer for some of long-term school clients. We’re making it available as a standalone thing for 23-24 and beyond, following years of outstanding feedback. To learn more, please click here.

    Revision Census: student voice, benchmarking & tracking of effective study habits

    Click here to learn more about our flagship research programme, and how you can join over 50 schools and 40,000 students who’ve taken our learning strategy survey to date.

    Staff CPD / Inset Day Keynotes: Cognitive Psychology in ACTION

    Empowering your teaching staff to double down on their use of cognitive psychology in the classroom, and helping them be more effective mentors to your learners in their exam prep.

    Click here to learn more and enquire today.

    “Excellent training – best I’ve had in quite some time.

    “So informative – looking forward to helping my students move forward!”

    “F****** brilliant.” (His exact words sanitised for the website…! – Ed.)

    Everything we do for students & anyone taking exams

    Our freebies, coaching, courses and more for students at school / college / university, professionals taking exams (in e.g. medicine / finance), and parents of students

    Click on any of the things we do (the blue boxes) to expand and learn more!

    A slightly boring note on currencies: but because we get asked, we’re based in the UK, but we work with students all around the world by the wonders of technology.

    To make it easier for our friends overseas, we price everything on the website in USD ($) for everyone because that’s the currency most people understand most easily.

    The only exception to that is 1-on-1 services (coaching) where prices are in GBP (£) for everyone.

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    1-on-1 Study Strategy Coaching

    For anyone who’s serious about exam success the smart way:

    Less overwhelm, less overwork, more overjoy-ed-ness when you see your grade 🙂

    Follow in the footsteps of 200 past clients (and counting!), 98% of whom went on to achieve the results they wanted in their exams, with our unique blend of highly personalised practical advice on learning technique, routine and exam tactics, backed up by our warm and understanding approach, with the reassurance or accountability you need to stay on track .

    Unlock your success from £105 per session (that’s equivalent to approx. $130 at time of writing).

    Click here if you're the parent of a student at school

    Dr Alix loves to coach school students like your son / daughter in the art of learning and studying smarter, so their can fly high academically without overwork and overwhelm.

    Click here to learn more and enquire today

    Click here if you're a student at university or college

    Unlock your best ever results in your exams and assignments this term / semester, with our help. 

    Learn more and enquire today

    Click here if you're a professional taking exams (e.g. medics)

    Whether you’re a doctor, surgeon, vet or finance professional… even a firefighter!… William loves helping professional learners master mountains of knowledge in limited time for challenging career exams.

    Click here to learn more and enquire today

    I’ve learnt several new ways of studying effectively.

    I felt a big difference immediately – I can now remember information much more easily.

    - Coaching client

    Even though I’ve sat and passed countless exams, it turns out that I didn’t know how to study! I developed the confidence to plan my time in advance, write a realistic revision timetable and improved my ability to recall tricky facts.

    It was invaluable.

    - Coaching client

    Learning Science Cheat Sheet (free)

    Click here to download the Exam Success Cheat Sheetour all-time favourite strategies to learn faster, remember more and get higher grades.

    [COMING SOON] Study Habit Tracker (free)

    Coming soon – join the mailing list to be the first to hear.

    41 Inspirational Study Quotes Poster / Background Pack (pay what you want)

    Click here to download your very own copy of 41 high-res posters perfect for the classroom or the wall of your study space, to keep you motivated and inspired!

    Ace Your Exams Planning Party ($9)

    Discover your strengths and weaknesses in our unique “Wheel of Studying” discover exercise, for clarity on the next steps in YOUR journey to exam success!

    Click here to learn more and get access today

    Smarter Study Walkthrough ($45)

    William’s exact study strategy revealed: a clear example of how to put all the principles we teach together into one powerful system. (The exact system that got William a First from Cambridge University!)

    Click here to learn more and get access today

    course thumbnail for Exam Success Secrets: Test-Taking Tips for Higher Marks

    Exam Success Secrets ($85)

    Test taking tactics for higher marks planning workshop, digital workbook and template pack, and video tips library

    Click here to learn more and get access today

    Productivity Power Up Pack ($85)

    In-depth video classes on procrastination, focus, energy, time management and more

    Click here to learn more and get access today

    course thumbnail for the Productivity Power-Up Pack
    course thumbnail for Total Memory Mastery

    Total Memory Mastery ($225)

    Our signature programme on the science of learning and how to massively accelerate your learning

    Click here to learn more and get access today

    The Scholar's Way ($145)

    New for November 2023: our signature 30-day mindset bootcamp to help you rediscover the focus, fun and flow in your studies. Come with an open mind; leave with a clearer, calmer one.

    This experience will stay with us both for a long time: enrol now.

    course thumbnail for the Productivity Power-Up Pack

    I received the letter last night that I had passed my exam. I cannot thank you enough for your help in tackling this massive exam- your strategies allowed me to approach such a huge and intimidating exam study process in a manageable way and it was so helpful to have a strategy to follow with the focus on retrieval.

    I am so relieved. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! You are a miracle worker.

    - Coaching client

    Eyeing up our catalogue of amazing classes on studying smarter? May we suggest checking out:

    The Study Smarter Network: our ultimate support programme to help you ace YOUR exams this year

    The “everything pass” to our full premium course library

    Exam Success Secrets, Productivity Power-Up Pack, Total Memory Mastery, Smarter Study Walkthrough and more!

    PLUS personalised guidance and expert support in Office Hours every week

    All from just $30 / month!

    We now offer a choice of annual or monthly plans to suit your needs.

    Everything else we do

    Books, podcast, merch and more

    The bits that didn’t fit elsewhere…

    Outsmart Your Studies book
    Outsmart Your Exams book

    Outsmart Your Studies: Revision technique to prepare for exams (from £5.95 / $7.95)

    Click here to get your copy today!

    As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases on suggested books.

    Outsmart Your Exams: Test-taking technique to maximise your mark (from £5.95 / $7.45)

    Click here to get your copy today!

    As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases on suggested books.

    Mock Oxbridge / University Interviews (£150)

    Interview practice and coaching for psychology and other sciences with a current Oxford University interviewer.

    Click here to learn more and book your mock interview today

    [COMING SOON] Merch by Exam Study Expert - exclusive design mugs, bookmarks and more

    Coming soon, watch this space for exclusive Exam Study Expert mug, shirt and poster designs – perfect for your study space or a gift for the scholar or teacher in your life

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    Research & Survey consultancy (P.O.A.)

    Looking to run a major survey at your school or for your business? William is a veteran of dozens of large-scale research projects in the education industry, for small businesses, and even some of the largest global companies (like Spotify, Sky / Comcast and the BBC). Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you too.

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