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Meet Your Exam Study Expert: Will Wadsworth

William Wadsworth is an expert in the science of studying effectively, equal parts independent researcher and evangelist for effective learning and memorisation techniques.

He is an experienced speaker, having been featured at conferences hosted by leading organisers such as ResearchED and the British Education Research Association (BERA), as well as delivering talks on learning at Cambridge University, FTSE 100 organisations, and leading schools across the UK.

He holds a First Class Hons. degree in Psychology from Cambridge University, and his research includes the largest-ever field study on student approaches to learning, surveying some 30,000 students on their learning habits, in collaboration with the world-renowned Washington Memory Lab.

William is the best-selling author of Outsmart Your Exams, and through the Exam Study Expert blog and podcast, William’s advice on how to study effectively is followed by half a million students in 150+ countries every year.


Teaching Staff Keynotes / CPD

100% tailored to your staff and circumstances, popular titles include:

  • Learn Faster & Remember More: how to help students apply cognitive psychology to their exam revision
  • 9 Essential New Studies in 49 Minutes: What did we learn about how to learn in 2020?
  • Making “Make It Stick” Stick: inspired by the seminal book, how to actually get students to actually change their ways, and start working smarter

Revision workshops for students

Help your students master the skills they need for exam success – with strong focus on actually getting new habits to stick:

  • Becoming a Master Student: mindset mastery, good study habits
  • Outsmart Your Exams: learning science 101, and how to apply it for top grades (without staying up all night for them!)
  • Memory Masterclass: advanced revision strategies toolkit, and test-taking strategies for high achievers

Talks for parents

As with everything I do, talks are 100% tailored to your needs – here are a couple of titles to give you a flavour of what I can provide:

  • Educating The Teenage Brain: how the teenage brain works, and the role parents can play in supporting learning, from the science of sleep to smart revision routines
  • Raising Champions: how to raise motivation, overcome limiting beliefs, and unleash students’ potential at school (and in life)

What people are saying

“William captured the interest of all staff. He explained, in simple terms how the brain works with regards to memory and then gave some exceptional examples to provide evidence for his points. He gave staff a number of practical ideas to take away and I am in no doubt the staff will share his thoughts with their students. He was an excellent presenter and I would highly recommend him.”

Alex Wallace, Deputy Headteacher

“A brilliant session, really thought-provoking – great to combine the theory with practical ideas for the classroom.”

“This will really inform our curriculum planning this year, particular the integration of spaced learning. It was good to have such a clear and succinct summary of the theory behind effective learning. It has reassured our department that we are moving in the direction with our focus on retrieval practice. However, it also highlighted the need to more around the concept of desirable difficulties and interleaving.”

“A fantastic start to the PD Day, William’s session led to lots of positive, learning focussed discussions in our department meeting. It has helped at the macro and micro level – staff are considering how to adapt their lessons and, as a faculty, we are exploring ways to adapt our curriculum to allow for more spaced learning and metacognitive talk.”

Staff feedback gathered from senior leadership

“Thank you William for such an interesting and informative talk on “educating the teenage brain” which was helpful for parents with children of all ages and even us adults! We really enjoyed learning the science behind the different ways to help our children study better and for the practical tips you gave us to use at revision time. It was fantastic, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you again soon!”

Sarah-Louise Mascie-Taylor, training co-ordinator

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