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Study smarter and score higher in GCSE and A level exams with practical, high-impact learning science strategies & the psychology of high performance

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Making learning science actually work for students

The key to unlocking your best-ever exam grades this year

Looking for a high-impact revision workshop to help your students prepare for GCSE and A Level exams?

You’re in the right place.

William Wadsworth and Dr Alix Hibble are leading GCSE and A Level revision specialists, delivering highly-rated revision workshops on exam preparation and study skills for students in UK schools.

Read on to learn more about how our workshops can help your students unlock top grades this year – the smarter way.

Revision workshop feedback: @BlundellsSchool tweets "A big thank you to William Wadsworth from exam study expert for his live workshops this morning. William helps students find an easier path to exam success by translating brain science into highly practical strategies (that really work!)"

Exam Study Expert’s speakers are recognised revision experts and exam preparation specialists

Dr Alix Hibble

Head of Learning & Research

Oxford University PhD, Psychology

William Wadsworth

Founder & Director of Learning

Cambridge University First Class BA / MA, Psychology

Alix Hibble a level and gcse revision specialist

We understand the science

We’re not only Oxbridge trained psychologists, we are active independent researchers at the forefront of understanding how to apply the science of learning in practice. We are best known for our major “Revision Census” research programme which we run in collaboration with highly respected academics around the world.

We get what it takes to succeed

William achieved 10 A*s at GCSE and 6 As at A-level, a once-in-a-decade set of results for his school, achieved by being conscientious and dedicated to academic excellence over many years.

Alix still achieved Oxbridge-worthy exam results, despite a more – shall we say – last-minute attitude to exams, which is an attitude that might be more relatable to many teenagers…!

These contrasting experiences are an key part of our combined strength, helping as wide a set of students as possible resonate with what we have to say.

We’re trusted teachers

Between them, Alix and William:

  • Co-host the award-nominated Exam Study Expert podcast, which together with the sister blog, reach well over one million students every single year (the largest platform on this subject – as far as we know!)
  • Have a combined twenty years’ experience teaching students the science of effective study techniques, from 1:1 coaching to delivering revision and study skills workshops at leading schools nationwide
  • Have written two highly-rated books: Outsmart Your Exams and Outsmart Your Studies, both Amazon bestsellers in their categories in multiple countries

Alix and William have been widely featured in the media and education conferences as expert specialists on revision and exam preparation

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 Featured “how to revise” expert across 5 separate articles to date (example linked here – no paywall)

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ISA conference speaker

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British Education Research Association – conference speaker

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researchED conference speaker

I think that particularly in end of year exams, it will help me guide my revision instead of doing what I fancied and not being that effective.

- Student feedback

I will now plan out when I will do what revision and how long for, so I can get it stuck in my brain, but at the same time not overwork myself.

- Student feedback

Really great advice on new note-making strategies. Would definitely recommend it. How he combined the science with his advice was really cogent.

- Student feedback

 The Exam Study Expert difference

One-of-a kind revision and exam preparation workshops that are:

Robustly evidence-based

Alix and William are both Oxbridge trained psychologists and active independent researchers on effective learning in action.

Incredibly practical

We talk to real students and teachers virtually every day, and we understand how to create strategies that actually work in practice (not just in a lab).


Highly engaging packed with live “experiments” and interactive activities. Over 1 million students annually turn to our blog and  podcast for study advice.

Revision workshops in action with specialist William Wadsworth

It got the audience to participate which is a great touch to help people engage with the ideas.

- Student workshop, audience feedback

Informative, very interesting, eye-opening.

- Student workshop, audience feedback

Revision & Exam Preparation Workshops for Students: Study Skills for GCSE / A Level Success

Help your students achieve their full potential in exams by equipping them with study skills that work.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach: we will offer a bespoke workshop perfectly tailored to your learners’ needs. Whether they’re just discovering the science of learning for the first time, or are old hands looking to hone their study skills, we’ve got it.

Exam Study Expert revision & exam preparation workshops can cover one or more of the following four pillars, depending on your needs:

Four levels of study skills mastery that we teach in our revision / exam preparation workshops

The Four Pillars of Study Skill Mastery:

  • Mindset Mastery: from the power of growth mindset to managing stress and pressure.
  • Smart Study Habits: advanced productivity strategies to get more done in less time, and unlock deeper focus and concentration.
  • Effective Revision Techniques: discover how memory really works, then apply it to effective revision strategies. We go deep here, workshopping the details of how to use these strategies well, drawing on William’s extensive field experience helping real students revise effectively.
  • Outsmart Your Exams: how to score the marks when it counts, with the science of high performance and exam technique secrets.

The material we recommend for your study skills, exam preparation or revision workshop will be tailored to your learners’ age, point in the year, specific challenges in their attitudes or habits, what they already do well, their ambition / target attainment and more.

Study Skills Workshops for Year 7-8 (expand to learn more)

Our Year 7 study skills workshops focus on managing the transition to Senior School, and starting to take on more responsibility and independence as a learner.

Year 8 can sometimes be an overlooked year, sitting as it does between the transitional Year 7 and the start of the GCSE journey in Year 9. But Year 8 students are noticeable more mature learners than Year 7s, and as such, it can be an invaluable opportunity to advance their study strategy early, and get them into the best learning habits so they can hit the ground running in Year 9.

All Exam Study Expert study skills workshops are highly interactive, but our Year 7 one is especially so. For that reason, more than for any other age group, we highly recommend a “carousel”-style format for mid-size or larger schools. As a result we will be able to deliver the workshop to small groups of students in turn (rather than a single full-year session where the opportunity for interaction is more limited).

It was very fun and I liked the activities.

- Year 7 / 8 feedback

I really enjoyed how engaging the teacher was, and how I didn’t feel bored at any point.

- Year 7 / 8 feedback

It has already shown an impact in the way I do my homework.

- Year 7 / 8 feedback

GCSE Revision Workshops for Year 9 / 10 / 11 (expand to learn more)

We get more requests for GCSE revision and exam preparation workshops than at any other level, and for good reason. GCSEs are a major milestone in a learner’s academic journey, marking their arrival as scholars as they aim to gain a set of qualifications that are essential for progression in academia and their careers.

The objective here is simple: the best possible GCSE results for each individual learner, while maintaining good mental health and wellbeing along the journey.

Our GCSE revision workshops focus on teaching highly effective, evidence-based revision strategy which allows students to learn faster and remember more.

We also introduce test-taking tactics that allow students to unlock more marks on exam day itself.

Depending on your learners’ needs, we may also include strategies to break through possible obstacles to learning: overcoming procrastination, beating distractions and getting focused, growth mindset coaching, maintaining consistent motivation to revise, time management and revision planning / routines.

I will reread less and use flashcards a lot more when revising.

- Lower school workshop feedback (up to Y11)

Explained  things that I thought were complicated, but in a simple way.

- Lower school workshop feedback (up to Y11)

I will be much more organised about my studying – this has helped me a lot.

- Lower school workshop feedback (up to Y11)

Exam Preparation Workshops for Year 12-13 / Sixth Form: A-Levels / BTECs (expand to learn more)

Sixth formers face a marked step-up in expectations vs GCSE years. They are increasingly expected to function as independent scholars, and become capable of managing more of their learning for themselves.

As such, their study skills need to step up as well, and our revision & exam preparation workshops can help.

If speaking to newer sixth formers (Year 12 / lower sixth), we will focus on embedding robust strategies for managing their time, priorities, attention, mindset and more, as well as ensuring they have the tools to effectively tackle more advanced revision and test-day challenges.

As exams loom nearer, workshops would focus on preparing for A-level (or BTEC) exam success, including more sophisticated lessons on revision technique, as well as how to tackle the challenges posed by A-level exams.

Really interesting, learnt new things and new methods of revision. Very interactive and engaging.

- Sixth former feedback

There were some different tips about revision compared to the other revision talks we have had in the past. I will definitely be doing more retrieval work!

- Sixth former feedback

 I will definitely be using all the retrieval practice tips. Thank you very much!

- Sixth former feedback

Academic Evenings / Exam Success Talks for Parents (expand to learn more)

We LOVE talking to parents!

This has been an increasingly popular request in schools we work in in recent years.

Revision happens at home, so getting parents on-side can hugely helpful – and is a great way to keep parents feeling valued by the school community. Revision workshops for parents might cover:

  • Educating The Teenage Brain: how the teenage brain works, and the role parents can play in supporting learning, from the science of sleep to smart revision routines.
  • GCSE / Sixth Form Success: how to support your son / daughter in their revision, including what to look out for in their study habits, how to coach good mindset, and how to help them manage the pressures of exam week.

Parents who are engaged in their child’s learning have a range of common questions which we can address, such as managing tech distractions (phones, gaming), sleep routines, how often to take breaks, what role a parent can play in their child’s learning. For the best results, we recommend a holistic approach to embedding effective, evidence-based revision techniques right throughout the school community: workshops for students, for their parents, for their teaching staff.

    Workshop feedback: Campion School tweet - "great to see so many parents here tonight for our parental session with @examstudyexpert

    “Thank you William for such an interesting and informative talk on “educating the teenage brain” which was helpful for parents with children of all ages and even us adults! We really enjoyed learning the science behind the different ways to help our children study better and for the practical tips you gave us to use at revision time. It was fantastic, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you again soon!

    Parent's feedback

    Cumulative programmes: the ultimate support to build study skills mastery and unleash your students' full potential

    Our cumulative programmes are carefully designed to optimise study skills and maximise exam performance, building mastery through a cumulative curriculum delivered throughout your learners’ whole school career.

    We have designed bespoke study skills curriculums for a number of our longest-standing school clients, and they enjoy fabulous results.

    For example, for a school Year 7 all the way through to Year 13, we might recommend a 5-part programme:

    • Year 7: Senior School Survival Guide – successful transition to senior school
    • Year 8 or 9: Skills for Scholars – foundations for high achievement
    • Year 10 or 11: Study Smarter & Ace Your GCSEs – effective revision and exam technique
    • Year 12: Sixth Form Secrets – successful transition to sixth form, introducing advanced learning strategies / study habits
    • Year 13: Your A-Level Success Game Plan – finalise and optimise your revision plan for maximum results and advanced exam techniques

    Students get the strategies and inspiration they need to ace the stage in front of them, and over the years, gradually build a comprehensive expertise across all the study skills areas we teach.

    By the time they take their A Levels, they will be highly proficient masters of effective revision and exam-taking strategy.

    Like the cumulative concept, but looking for something a little more lightweight?

    Slimmer versions of a cumulative programme are also possible, and very popular with many of the schools who work with us.

    For example, a two-part programme focusing on success in GCSEs and A levels:

    • Year 10 or 11: Ace Your GCSEs – Study Smarter Essentials
    • Year 12 or 13: Ace Your A-Levels: Advanced Study Strategies for sixth formers

    We deliver a variant on this two-part programme for many of our schools, it proves very popular.

    Or for a cumulative programme focused on sixth form study skills:

    A two-part programme of “Study Skills Workshops for Sixth Form Success” can also work really well.

    • We run a study skills workshop in Year 12 (Lower 6th Form) to lay the foundations for sixth form success.
    • A year later, we build on that groundwork in an exam preparation workshop to in Year 13 (Upper 6th Form) to sharpen their gameplan to ace their A Level (or BTEC) exams.

    “William put together a cumulative study skills programme for multiple year groups, which has been very well-received by not only students but also their parents.

    His deep subject knowledge and engaging, interactive style have proved a winning formula, and learners are already reporting a positive impact on their independent study and test / exam revision.”

    James Eve, Director of Studies

    Study Skills Programme Year 7-13

    Workshop formats to suit all circumstances

    Carousel: small groups in turn for maximum engagement & impact

    Interactive lecture: for larger groups (e.g. whole year at once)

    Virtual delivery: a good option for older learners, parents or overseas schools

    William Wadsworth

    A very engaging seminar, providing new useful revision ideas that will help me to revise more effectively!

    The practical advice will go a long way in helping us all to revise better and not necessarily longer!

    - Student feedback

    What happens now? Three steps to exam success:

    3 steps to your perfect revision or study skills workshop

    Ask us about a revision / study skills workshop for your school today

    Or drop us an email via the form below:

    Exam Study Expert’s expert knowledge was gratefully received by our cohort and they most certainly gained some valuable tips on how to cope with the up and coming exams and assessments, in terms of revision techniques and strategies for the exam hall.

    Rebecca Isdell-Carpenter, Head of Sixth Form

    Sixth Form Exam Preparation Workshops

    It was all amazing!

    I learned so much.

    - Student feedback, exam preparation workshop

    We look forward to empowering your students to achieve their best-ever results this year!

    Frequently Asked Questions about Exam Study Expert Revision Workshops

    Are you a good fit for my school?

    Our honest answer is “it depends”. We are not the right fit for everybody.

    In particular, we would NOT recommend our services to you if your learner body is largely disengaged with academia and apathetic towards learning in general. In such schools, we would suggest we focus our support on the subset of students who are engaged in their learning, to ensure they are not disadvantaged in their exam results.

    However, if your students fundamentally want to do well in their exams, we’re the perfect fit to support them in achieving their potential on exam day.

    Your students might need a few psychological nudges and practical strategies to overcome barriers such as procrastination and distraction, or to develop a consistent study habits good and early. That’s fine – we can absolutely help with these very common challenges alongside embedding effective revision techniques.

    If you’re lucky enough to work in a school where your students are already highly motivated and have an excellent work ethic – that’s great, we can get straight to our advanced revision and memorisation strategies and exam technique tactics, to unlock the maximum exam results they’re capable of. (We might just make the path a little easier and less stressful for them while we’re at it!)

    Most of the schools we work with are therefore either:

    • Comprehensive schools with a (broadly) engaged student body, and a culture of learning
    • Independent schools where students (and their parents…!!) want to achieve good grades
    • Grammar schools
    • Sixth form colleges teaching A Levels or BTECs with an examined component

    We have worked with some of the highest-performing schools in the country: we firmly believe there are no students who wouldn’t benefit from our teaching because they “know it all already”! (Though they might think they do..!)

    We have even worked with universities, all the way up to PhD candidates at Oxbridge, where we focus on productivity strategies, academic project management, and wellbeing.

    Please get in touch to discuss your school’s circumstances and how we might be able to help.

    What regions do you cover?

    We are based in South East England, but can travel throughout much of the UK to deliver revision workshops. We have visited schools all over the map, including:

    • London
    • Berkshire / Reading
    • Buckinghamshire
    • Kent
    • Surrey
    • Hampshire
    • Gloucestershire
    • Oxfordshire
    • Somerset
    • Devon / Exeter
    • Hampshire
    • West and East Sussex
    • Essex
    • Suffolk
    • Cambridgeshire
    • Bedfordshire
    • Warwickshire
    • Leicestershire
    • Lincolnshire / Lincoln
    • West Midlands / Birmingham
    • Merseyside / Liverspool
    • Manchester

    Especailly long-distance travel (e.g. overseas) is possible subject to an appropriate additional fee to cover travel. Alternatively, we’d be glad to support through virtual delivery, and have extensive experience of this.

    Please get in touch to discuss further.

    How long have you been doing this?

    The Exam Study Expert brand has been trading since 2018. Alix and William were both teaching study skills in various forms for many years prior to that, since c. 2014.

    What’s the right time of year for a study skills / revision workshop? Is it too early / too late?

    There’s never a bad time, but we would focus on different objectives depending on the time of year. (That’s another reason we don’t use an “off the shelf” approach to talks.)

    • Early in Autumn (Michaelmas) term is a great time for teaching good study skills, supporting students in the transition into their new school year and setting them up with the habits for academic success throughout the whole year.
    • Later in Autumn (Michaelmas) term, the focus may shift towards preparing for mock exams before or after Christmas, especially for those year groups who have mocks (e.g. Year 10 / 11 / 12 / 13).
    • In Spring (Lent) term, attention is squarely on the final run-up to exams for the year groups with exams (Year 11 / Year 13), the perfect time for a revision workshop for your GCSE or A-level candidates to set them up for success.
    • Early Summer term, exams are but a few weeks away, but it’s still not too late to support students with the final revision push (e.g. ahead of study leave), and ensuring they have the tools to unlock maximum points on the day of the exam itself (test-taking technique).
    What are your rates?

    Thank you for your interest in our services!

    Your quote will be based on what you are looking for (e.g. number of days on site, number of speakers delivering). We’d be delighted to discuss what you’re looking for further, please schedule a consultation call with us or send us a message detailing your needs.

    To set your mind at rest, unlike some other school speakers with significant media / public profile, we keep our rates as affordable as possible. Many schools approach us with a <£1000 budget, there are plenty of options to do some great work together on that basis.

    If you have a more generous allowance to invest in exam success, we can do even more for you, for example a parallel carousel (both speakers are on site, students hear from us both) to deliver a deeper set of materials, or our Cumulative Programmes that see us working with multiple year groups.

    Are you DBS checked?

    Both Alix and William hold enhanced clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service, for working with children and vulnerable adults.

    Also available from Exam Study Expert: teaching & learning keynotes and CPD (Professional Development) for teachers

    Exam Study Expert’s CPD / Professional Development for teachers that brings the science to life in a fun and lively way, and above all, offers seriously useful takeaways. 

    • Psychology of Memory Keynote: deep-dive on how memory works, and what it means for teachers and learners.
    • Science of Teaching & Learning: new ideas both for the classroom, and also for students’ own study / revision, helping to make evidence-based practice into common practice through our deeply realistic and pragmatic approach.
    • Building Effective Independent Scholars: we might have already told learners about effective ways to study, but how to make new habits stick? Find out how!

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