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Empowering your teaching staff with exceptionally practical, high-impact professional development on the science of learning, memory and exam preparation

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Applying the science of learning consistently in the classroom and during revision is the key to unlocking your student’s full academic potential

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“A fantastic start to the PD Day, William’s session led to lots of positive, learning focussed discussions in our department meeting. It has helped at the macro and micro level – staff are considering how to adapt their lessons, and we are exploring ways to adapt our faculty curriculum.”

Robustly evidence-based

I’m a Cambridge University trained psychologist and active independent researcher who runs large-scale studies on effective learning in action.

Incredibly practical

Because I talk to real students and teachers virtually every single day, I understand how to create strategies that actually work in practice (not just in a lab).


Highly interactive, authoritative and downright fascinating speaking from a top 1% podcast host (the Exam Study Expert podcast) and regular conference speaker.

“This will really inform our curriculum planning this year. It was good to have such a clear and succinct summary of the theory behind effective learning. It also highlighted the need to do more around the concept of desirable difficulties.”

What’s Included in our Science of Teaching & Learning CPD Workshops


In our signature keynote presentation, your staff will discover:

  • What Is Memory: neuroscience and psychology of memory
  • How to Make It “Click”: working memory and understanding
  • How to Make It “Stick”: principles of effective long-term learning (e.g. retrieval practice, spaced learning, interleaving)
  • Teaching for Learning: how to build memory in the classroom
  • Effective Revision: study strategies that REALLY work
  • Making The Switch: changing students’ study habits for good
  • Peak (Student) Performance Secrets: maximising focus, overcoming procrastination, coaching growth mindset and handling exam season pressure
Science of teaching and learning CPD overview

“A brilliant session, really thought-provoking – great to combine the theory with practical ideas for the classroom.”

The full version of our signature CPD keynote runs at 2.5 hours teaching time plus Q&A, so is perfect for a half-day inset format.

But we can also offer abridged versions, for example, just a single hour focused on “Retrieval Practice in Action”, or on how to best support students in exam term with effective independent study habits.

About your speaker: William Wadsworth

Exam Study Expert Founder & Director of Learning Science

I know the science…

… in fact, I help to discover it, working with other scientists to advance the research on effective ways to study, including the major Revision Census project (40,000 students surveyed to date)

Degree in psychology (Cambridge, 2012)

 … I get what it takes…

10 A*s at GCSE, 6 As at A-Level, and a First Class degree from Cambridge University First Class (Hons)

I’ve been working directly with real students and teachers virtually every day for years, I live and breathe effective teaching and learning strategy and how to make it work in practice, not just in theory

& I’m a trusted teacher

Blog & podcast trusted by over a million students, teachers and parents every single year in 200 countries

Worked with over 70 leading schools in the UK as a research partner and / or as a speaker for student revision workshops and staff CPD presentations

Select media and conference appearances

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 Featured “how to revise” expert across 5 separate articles to date (example linked here – no paywall)

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ISA conference speaker

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British Education Research Association – conference speaker

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researchED conference speaker

Absolutely fantastic. I ditched another session I was booked on to come to the second half!”

I wish all staff development could be as useful interesting and relevant as this was!”

“This session was fantastic, excellent to get some clarification on interleaving, thank you.”

High-impact CPD / professional development for your school… no matter where you are today

CPD / Professional Development for teachers that brings the science to life in a fun and lively way, and above all, offers seriously useful takeaways.

If your staff are new to the science of learning, this is the perfect way to discover how powerful these strategies are.

But if they’re already familiar with basics like retrieval practice and spacing, we will help them:

  • Go deeper: helping them bottom out their understanding of the science behind these ideas, so they can focus on what really matters not just the next “new thing”.
  • Go further: sharing battle-tested practical strategies that really work, removing the doubt and guesswork in applying these strategies both in the classroom and for students’ revision habits.
  • Get real impact: discover how to use the science of behaviour change to change student habits for good.

If your school has participated in the Revision Census, we will even be able to include school-specific data as part of our workshop, for unrivalled specificity to your exact situation!

“Lots of useful ideas and very clearly presented.”

William Wadsworth speaking at a school

“William captured the interest of all staff. He explained, in simple terms how the brain works with regards to memory and then gave some exceptional examples to provide evidence for his points. He gave staff a number of practical ideas to take away and I am in no doubt the staff will share his thoughts with their students. He was an excellent presenter and I would highly recommend him!

Alex Wallace, Deputy Headteacher, RGS High Wycombe

Whole-staff professional development day: "memory" keynote

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“F****** brilliant.” (His words not mine…!! – Ed.)

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