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Outsmart Your Exams: get every single mark when it counts

Discover 31 test-taking strategies for top grades from the new science of memory recall and peak performance

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Absolutely wonderful!

five star rating in itunes

This really is a masterful guide. I always thought I knew a lot about exam technique, but reading this book I discovered several new ideas, which I will certainly be passing on to my students. This book surely should be on every student’s shelf!

Dr. Aled Walker, Fellow at Trinity College Cambridge

The envelope just arrived…

…and it contains the exam results.

What does your future hold?

For any young person, exams set you on a path: great colleges, great careers. You’ve had your nose in the books for months to be ready. Yet few students achieve their best scores possible. Memory lapses, silly errors, timing issues, nerves. How do you know you can deliver on test day?

It’s time to take your exam scores to new heights.

It’s time to turn exam-day success from lottery to science.

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A brilliant study companion!

five star rating in itunes

Based on sound scientific evidence, humerous, and I would heartily recommend this guide as a constant and trusty companion to see students through school, university and beyond.

Teacher at a Department for Education Research School

All in one guide to exam week best practice

five star rating in itunes

The author clearly knows his stuff, and has an impressive academic record to back it up. Some of the tips are ingenious and novel (at least to me)… relevant aspects of psychology, as well as other aspects of personal well-being to ensure that you’re in top condition when taking exams.

Al, United States

Cutting-edge memory techniques. The psychology of performing under pressure.

In Outsmart Your Exams, you’ll learn:

  • The “Winner’s Mindset”
  • Keys to written answers to get top scores
  • How to create a master exam-taking plan for success
  • The tactics to score the highest possible marks
  • How to improve your memory recall significantly, to guarantee great results.

No more “couldn’t remember”.

No more “ran out of time”.

No more botched exam essays.

You’ll love this guide, because it will give you the tools you need to excel in your exams. Once the prep work is done, this book takes the you the rest of the way to success.


The results envelope of your dreams could be in your hand.

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A book that every student must read!

five star rating in itunes

Talking as someone with over ten years of experience with exams, this is an exceptional set of tools to ace the exam itself and I would recommend to anyone who would like to significantly improve their results.

Alexander, UK student

Outsmart Your Exams book cover

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