The secret to acing your university / college interview is simple…

…practice, practice practice.

This could be the biggest turning point of your life…


…where you go to university will likely decide your job.

Where you live.

Your lifestyle.

Maybe even your friends for life.

So it’s worth getting this right.

Don’t wait till the big day to make mistakes. Put yourself in realistic interview situations early, and get all of your mistakes out of the way now, and hone your interview technique.

So that when the real thing comes, you have the best possible chance of success.

Practice answering real questions, as used by top universities in previous years

Find the gaps in your prep so you can swot up before the big day

Advanced Hollywood voice coach techniques to keep your interviewer, and let your ideas and quality shine through

Build your confidence so you can hold your head high in the interview

Learn how to think under pressure so you can tackle tricky problems, even when nervous

Strategies to structure great answers to make your thinking clear, and find your way through – even when you’re stuck at first

My mock university interviews are 90 minutes, featuring two 25-minute interviews, separated by a detailed debrief, and coaching on your strengths / weaknesses, to maximise your chances of success

Leave nothing to chance: book your mock interview today

And let’s make sure your offer letter has the right answer in it!

William Wadsworth is Exam Study Expert’s Founder & Head Exam Success Coach.

He’s obsessed with empowering students to achieve MASSIVE success in their exams, using the science of learning and the psychology of peak performance.

He hosts the world’s top study strategies podcast for students, and has nearly a decade’s experience coaching students in studying smarter, not harder.

He holds a First Class degree in psychology from Cambridge University, and has spoken at numerous conferences about the science of learning for teachers, including ResearchED and BERA.

His Dad teases him for his silly hats, but he doesn’t mind 🙂