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    Exam success opens doors

    I know what it means to get the result you want…

    Achieving the dream

    …the “pass”… the “A”… the “distinction”…

    The “3.8 or higher”… the 2.i or 1st… the 8-9…

    The career prospects, the opportunities, the warm glow of knowing you absolutely did your best when it mattered.

    But getting there often feels harder than it should.

    Spending too many hours at the study desk (or too few!)

    Motivation wavering. Focus slipping. Stress levels rising.

    Feeling overwhelmed by how much there is to learn, knowing half of what you study today will be forgotten by next week.

    There’s a smarter way

    Let me show you the express lane to the results of your dreams

    There’s a new science to learning.

    A new psychology of peak performance.

    And when you put it to work for you with skill and consistency, success becomes not only possible, not only easier to achieve, but even a pleasure to work towards.

    Maximise your grade, using advanced strategies to earn as many marks as possible on exam day

    Accelerated learning techniques, to remember fast and forget slow

    Master your mindset, so you can stop worrying, conquer exam-day nerves, and breathe easy

    Save time by studying smarter, not harder: what you do with the free time is up to you!

    Turbocharge your productivity: time hacks to get more done, quicker than ever

    An understanding ear through the highs and the lows – keeping you on track for success

    Even though I’ve sat and passed countless exams, it turns out that I didn’t know how to study! With William’s help, I have improved my ability to recall tricky facts. It was invaluable.

    Priya, post-graduate med student

    “Thanks to William’s expertise, I’ve learnt several new ways of studying effectively. I felt a big difference immediately – I can now remember information much more easily.

    Jasmine, (high) school student

    “Studying through your techniques has provided me with a fantastic way of learning facts and knowledge efficiently, as time is really used in the most effective way.”

    Matthew, (high) school student

    William Wadsworth is Exam Study Expert’s Founder & Head Exam Success Coach.

    He’s obsessed with empowering students to achieve MASSIVE success in their exams, using the science of learning and the psychology of peak performance.

    He hosts the world’s top study strategies podcast for students, and has nearly a decade’s experience coaching students in studying smarter, not harder.

    He holds a First Class degree in psychology from Cambridge University, and has spoken at numerous conferences about the science of learning for teachers, including ResearchED and BERA.

    His Dad teases him for his silly hats, but he doesn’t mind 🙂