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Exam Success Secrets: Test-Taking Tips for Higher Marks

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Craft your own EXPERT exam-day gameplan & learn ALL my secrets for gaining maximum marks when it matters the most!

You’ve had your nose in the books for months to be ready. Yet how do you know you can deliver on test day?

It’s time to banish nerves, silly mistakes and that white-hot fear of suddenly forgetting everything you revised:

SO many students fall short of the mark they deserve on exam day. It’s time to make sure YOU are not one of them.

It’s time to take your exam scores to new heights.

It’s time to turn exam-day success from lottery into SCIENCE.

Cutting-edge memory techniques. The psychology of performing under pressure. Deep insights into what the examiner wants, and how to deliver it.

The result of your dreams is within reach. Let’s make sure you achieve what you’ve earned.

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What I’ll Share Inside Exam Success Secrets: Test-Taking Tips for Higher Marks

Part 1: Exam Success Planning Workshop

Build your exam week timetable, your no-risk checklist and strategic exam gameplan to maximise your mark (live workshop recording: 3 video lessons, 32 mins total)

Part 2: Top Tips for Exam Season

My favourite tips for handling exam pressure, PLUS what to do the day before an exam (2 video lessons, 28 mins total)

Part 3: Top Tips to Score More Marks

ALL my secrets for the exam hall itself: from getting past tricky questions to maximising your memory recall to avoiding silly mistakes (4 video lessons, 23 mins total PLUS a bonus)

Part 4: Top Tips for MCQs

Learn how to ACE your multiple choice question strategy, from timings to guesswork (3 video lessons, 14 mins total)

You’ll learn:

  • How to handle pressure and build your winners mindset
  • Keys to written answers to get top scores
  • How to create a master exam taking plan for success
  • Cunning tactics to score the highest possible marks, even on tough questions
  • How to improve your memory recall, to guarantee great results

Your Training Pack Will Include:

13x Video Lessons (1 hour 37 mins total)

Yours to keep: re-watch as many times as you want!

Digital Workbook

Complete your Exam Success Planning exercises in your workbook alongisde me!

BONUS: Getting Past Tough Questions

A handy episode from the Exam Study Expert podcast!

William Wadsworth

William Wadsworth is Exam Study Expert’s Founder & Head Exam Success Coach.

He’s obsessed with empowering students to achieve MASSIVE success in their exams, using the science of learning and the psychology of peak performance.

He hosts the world’s top study strategies podcast for students, and has nearly a decade’s experience coaching students in studying smarter, not harder.

He holds a First Class degree in psychology from Cambridge University, and has spoken at numerous conferences about the science of learning for teachers, including ResearchED and BERA.

His Dad teases him for his silly hats, but he doesn’t mind 🙂

Learn faster, remember more, score higher…

…the smarter way to exam success, no matter how much you’ve got to learn