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The programme that helps ambitious students stay calm & consistent, revise smarter, and ace their GCSE exams

GCSEs coming up next summer…?

studying in the library

You know what’s at stake…

The pick of options at Sixth Form, and later, the best chance of landing the University place of your choice….

Launch your career with a glowing “Education” section on your CV…

Or perhaps the most important of all, knowing you’ve done yourself justice and fulfilled your potential after all your hard work.

These are prizes worth striving for.

But you know that… that’s why you’re here.

But the road to exam success is not always an easy one…

Even the brightest students can run into difficulties.

It can be hard to stay consistent, succumbing to distractions or procrastination.

Or studying in your room for hours on end, but feeling like progress is slow, and the results don’t reflect your effort.

Stress levels inching up, wondering if you’re going to be able to pull it off.

Maybe, as a parent, you’ve already found them a good school, perhaps even a little extra support from subject tutors.

These are important “bricks” in their success wall. Effective study skills is the cement that binds it all together.

“After I had finished my mock exams I felt like I needed some tips on how to work more efficiently.

Thanks to William’s expertise, I’ve learnt several new ways of studying effectively. I felt a big difference immediately – I can now remember information much more easily.

Research shows that as much as 50% of the variance in a student’s academic outcome is from their independent learning – a bigger impact on results than any other single factor (the second-most-important is “teaching”, at 25% – Hattie, 2015).

How they approach their day-to-day assignments, how they prepare for tests, how they revise for major exams – mocks, and eventually, the real things – it all adds up.

It’s the stuff that separates good from great, or great from outstanding.

It’s the secret sauce that means they can achieve well AND have a good work-life balance, because they know how to use their time truly efficiently.

They might even start to enjoy it more 😉


GCSE Mastery is an online programme that helps ambitious scholars master the skills they need to thrive in their GCSEs – and beyond

Top grades | In a time-efficient way | While maybe even ENJOYING the process..!

 What your son / daughter will learn in GCSE Mastery

How to learn effectively

and make their course material “stick” in memory, so they retain everything they need

How to overcome distractions

and beat procrastination, to stay motivated and consistent with revision through Year 11

How to keep your cool

even when the pressure is on, to bring home the score you truly deserve when it matters most

I will reread less and use flashcards a lot more when revising.

- Student feedback

Explained  things that I thought were complicated, but in a simple way.

- Student feedback

I will be much more organised about my studying – this has helped me a lot.

- Student feedback

At the core of GCSE Mastery is a 10-part webinar series

Whether you join the webinars with your son / daughter or they attend solo, they’ll develop the skills they need to study smart and achieve high


1. GCSE Success Planning Party

Taught live July 2024, replay avail. thereafter

2. Skills for Scholars: Year 11 Success Secrets

Taught live Sep 2024, replay avail. thereafter

3. Finding Full Focus: How to Overcome Distractions & Stay Consistent

Taught live Oct 2024, replay avail. thereafter

4. Make It Stick Part I: How To Learn Smarter

Taught live Nov 2024, replay avail. thereafter

5. Make It Stick Part II: Learn EVEN Smarter

Taught live Dec 2024, replay avail. thereafter

“Studying through your techniques has provided me with a fantastic way of learning facts and knowledge efficiently, as time is really used in the most effective way.”

“That was cool. I really like him. I learnt loads.”

6. Upgrade Your Thinking Engine: How To Understand & Solve More

Taught live Jan 2025, replay avail. thereafter

7. Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced Tips for Past Papers

Taught live Feb 2025, replay avail. thereafter

8. Your Exam Success Game Plan

Taught live March 2025, replay avail. thereafter

9. Outsmart Your Exams: Test-Taking Technique Masterclass

Taught live April 2025, replay avail. thereafter

10. Finding Harmony: Keeping Your Cool Under Pressure

Taught live May 2025, replay avail. thereafter

I think that particularly in end of year exams, it will help me guide my revision instead of doing what I fancied and not being that effective.

- Student feedback

I will now plan out when I will do what revision and how long for, so I can get it stuck in my brain, but at the same time not overwork myself.

- Student feedback

Really great advice on new note-making strategies. Would definitely recommend it. How he combined the science with his advice was really cogent.

- Student feedback

But the support doesn’t stop there!

In addition to the live webinars, you and your child also benefit from:

1. Personal Q&A and troubleshooting

 Pop me a question any time via my dedicated support app (Voxer – available in browser or as an app on any device).

Perfect for clearing up quick questions, and giving you a point in the right direction when you’re not quite on track for any reason.

Voxer supports text or voice-note messages. You are welcome to ask questions as either. I’ll likely reply with a mixture, within 2 weekdays at most.

Reasonable use limits apply – around 1 question a week. I will take up to 6 weeks’ holiday from Voxer Q&A throughout the year, these will be published in advance.

It's hard to study well

2. On-Demand Study Skills Class Library

Enjoy access to 5 hours of video classes the moment you join GCSE Mastery, including:


  • Study Smarter Ace Your GCSEs – GCSE success kickstarter workshop
  • Productivity Power-Up Pack – deep-dive masterclasses on procrastination, focus and more
  • Exam Success Secrets – test-taking tactics for higher marks
  • Learning Strategy Mastery – deep-dive into different revision strategies

3. 1-on-1 Coaching Support

All GCSE Mastery students enjoy 30 minutes 1-on-1 coaching with William at no extra cost, perfect to:

– Troubleshoot tricky areas

– Get inspired

– And allow me to better understand what you need from the programme, so I can tailor it as closely as possible

William is a highly experienced study strategy coach, having helped hundreds of students achieve the results of their dreams.


It's hard to study well

Meet your new exam success mentor

GCSE Mastery is designed & delivered by memory psychologist and study skills specialist, William Wadsworth

I know the science…

… in fact, I help to discover it, as the lead investigator on the world’s largest study skills survey (50,000 responses to date)

Regular speaker at education research conferences (e.g. ResearchED, BERA)

1st Class degree in psychology (Uni. of Cambridge)

… I get what it takes…

I’ve succeeded at the highest levels: 10 A* grades at GCSE, 6 grade As at A level

Passionate about translating “study best practice” and making it work for real students, in the real world (not just in the lab)

Teaching with heart and understanding

… and I’m a trusted teacher…

In-demand trainer for students and teaching staff at leading schools across the UK

Thousands of hours experience teaching real students, either in classrooms or 1-on-1

Over 1,000,000 students each year use my resources (books, podcast, blog) to succeed in their exams

As seen in…

The Times logo

 Featured “how to revise” expert across 5 separate articles to date (example linked here – no paywall)

ISA independent schools association logo

ISA conference speaker

BERA British Education Research Association logo

British Education Research Association – presented research

ResearchED logo

Multi-time researchED conference speaker

Students aced their exams after 1:1 private coaching with us

Students helped in our live workshops and trainings

Students & teachers trust our blog / podcast every year for support

William’s deep subject knowledge and engaging, interactive style have proved a winning formula, and learners are already reporting a positive impact on their independent study and test / exam revision.

- Teacher, after workshops for students and parents

William’s expert knowledge was gratefully received by our students and they most certainly gained some valuable tips on how to cope with the up and coming exams and assessments, in terms of revision techniques and strategies for the exam hall.

- Teacher, after workshops for students

Revision workshops in action with specialist William Wadsworth

It got the audience to participate which is a great touch to help people engage with the ideas.

- Student feedback

Informative, very interesting, eye-opening.

- Student feedback

Ready to unleash your GCSE potential? Enrol today!

To summarise, when you join GCSE Mastery, you and your child get access to:

  • Ten live webinars – teaching all the skills and strategies they need to win in their revision and exams (replays included if you can’t make it live)
  • Five hours of additional on-demand classes – deep-dive masterclasses on procrastination, distractions and much more – the answers they need to whatever’s holding them back
  • 30m 1:1 coaching session – with William to elevate their success

In short, everything they need to compliment their in-school teaching, and succeed in their GCSEs, the smart way!

All this just £245 £195 when you enrol today!

* PLEASE NOTE: all Exam Study Expert courses are sold in USD. William is based in the UK and is very familiar with the UK exam system, but serves students around the world – USD pricing makes that easier.

The final amount you pay may include a small currency / transaction fee, depending on your country of residence and your banking provider.

EARLY BIRD PRICING: save 20% if you enrol before the first live webinar (Mon 8th July)








“Incredible. Absolutely brilliant, couldn’t recommend William enough. [My son] loved working with him. In hindsight we should have got him on board much sooner.”

- Parent

I’ve learned so much with William, and in particular, learned so much about myself. He’s not only helped me to start doing well in exams again, but helped me regain my confidence. I couldn’t be more grateful.

- Student

“As an educator myself, I was very discerning when seeking support for our son. He would often lock himself away in a room for 14 hours at time, but retain very little from it.

After failing several exams, we were desperate to help him. He was becoming more discouraged and began to think he wasn’t capable of learning.

I knew I needed to find someone to teach him not just how to study, but how to shift his mindset.

We found that in the Exam Study Expert in the very first session.

William worked on essential skills and tools for powerful studying, and discussed how to use his time effectively so that he can work less hard but remember much more.

After three sessions, our son achieved an “A” on a Biology exam. 

We are so happy to have found the Exam Study Expert to not only teach our son how to study to achieve the grades he is aiming for, but to help navigate the experience in a healthy, positive way. Shaping a positive and effective mindset is the most important strategy that William teaches.

As parents, we are forever grateful.

Parent - coaching programme

“Had a parents meeting this evening – everyone seems amazed by how much he’s transformed. His teachers said he’s gone from a D grade to an A grade after working with you over the holidays. So really, thank you!”

Parent - coaching programme