Looking to plan an effective study system for YOU this year?

Overcome your challenges. Find your purpose. Create a strong routine …

… and make it STICK, with the:

Ace Your Exams Planning Party!

The perfect mini-workshop for new and old students alike:

In fact, I recommend this course as a starting point for everyone looking to get their motivations for exam success in order!

Struggling to define your study goals?

Unsure just why you (should) care about studying or doing well in your exams?

Searching for the ideal system to help you spot your studying strengths and weaknesses and build a sustainable study routine?

Then the Ace Your Exams Planning Party is the party you NEED to be at!

Follow the video lessons in your very own digital workbook to help you find that purpose, understand your WHY, plan your routine, and evaluate your study system using my “Wheel of Studying” visualisation. You’ve got this!

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What I’ll Share Inside the Ace Your Exams Planning Party

Part 1: What Are You Aiming For?

It’s time to question your purpose and motivations as we delve into academic goals (10 min video lesson and introduction)

Part 2: What's Your WHY?

I talk you through the next exercise in your digital workbook: thinking about the reasons behind YOUR academic goals (5 min video lesson)

Part 3: Routines By Design

How you can create a sustainable, effective daily study routine that works for YOU – using mine as an example! (9 min video lesson)

Part 4: The Wheel of Studying

Learn how to honestly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your study system with this final exercise (16 min video lesson)

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Your Training Pack Will Include:

4x Video Lessons (40 mins total)

Yours to keep: re-watch as many times as you want!

Digital Workbook

Join in the party games and fill out the exercises in your workbook as you listen!

William Wadsworth

William Wadsworth is Exam Study Expert’s Founder & Head Exam Success Coach.

He’s obsessed with empowering students to achieve MASSIVE success in their exams, using the science of learning and the psychology of peak performance.

He hosts the world’s top study strategies podcast for students, and has nearly a decade’s experience coaching students in studying smarter, not harder.

He holds a First Class degree in psychology from Cambridge University, and has spoken at numerous conferences about the science of learning for teachers, including ResearchED and BERA.

His Dad teases him for his silly hats, but he doesn’t mind 🙂

Learn faster, remember more, score higher…

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