Deep Rest Taster Session

A full-length (1h) Deep Rest session with Camilla on November 15th is included as a complimentary bonus for all students of The Scholar’s Way – click here to enrol if you’d like to join us for that.

Sit or lie somewhere comfortable to enjoy this short taster session. Camilla’s introductory comments refer back the conversation we’d just been having, which is broadcast as Episode 125 of the Exam Study Expert podcast.


Enjoy a full-length Deep Rest session with The Scholars Way

All students of our upcoming mindset course enjoy a complimentary full-length 1-hour Deep Rest session with Camilla on November 15th (recording available if you can’t make it live).

Just the thing after all your hard work!

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“As an educator myself, I was very discerning when seeking support for our son. As a college freshman double-majoring in Biology and Chemistry, he would often lock himself away in a study room for 14 hours at time, but retain very little from it.

After failing several exams, we were desperate to help him.

I knew I needed to find someone to teach him not just how to study, but how to shift his mindset.

We found that in the Exam Study Expert in the very first session.

We are so happy to have found the Exam Study Expert to not only teach our son how to study to achieve the grades he is aiming for, but to help navigate the experience in a healthy, positive way.

Shaping a positive and effective mindset is the most important strategy that William teaches.

As parents, we are forever grateful.

– Parent of a coaching client (The Scholar’s Way is a new course based in large part on my extensive private coaching expertise)