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1. Learning science cheat sheet: study smarter and remember FAR more

Study smarter and remember more with learning science
Study smarter and remember more with learning science

Detailed guide containing:

  • The magic of retrieval practice.
  • The power of spaced learning.
  • Study technique “cheat sheets” breaking down our favourite techniques to apply learning science when you’re preparing for exams.

Everything you need to turn you into the most efficient student in your class, and perform better in the exam than you ever thought possible.

2. Our secret flashcard formula: favourite way to memorise lots of information, fast

The Exam Study Expert secret flashcard formula
The Exam Study Expert secret flashcard formula

Unleash the power of the humble flashcard,when you use it correctly with these step-by-step instructions.

Get up-and-running in 5 minutes with this incredibly powerful learning strategy, fully integrated with the most important principles of learning psychology.

Great for a jump-start if you’re in a hurry.

3. Study mindset ebook: the ultimate guide to getting motivated, staying calm, and being focused and productive

Study Mindset eBook
Study Mindset eBook

Chapter 1: the motivation to study sets out to solve your study motivation woes for good, with a comprehensive set of strategies to find your drivers, combat overwhelm, ditch limiting beliefs, set truly effective goals, tips for getting started, and some rare but potent “hacks” to overcome procrastination permanently.

Chapter 2: soothe study stress is all about combating stress and anxiety, and feeling happier about our work. This chapter starts with a special toolkit of methods to find calm designed specifically for students, then covers how to manage expectations, steps for keeping things in perspective, and methods for taking the very best care of yourself you can.

Chapter 3: focus and productivity will address how your study habits can have a transformative effect on how much you can get done. The art of a good routine, managing your energy not just your time, and five steps to truly focus on the task in front of you for dramatic improvement in concentration and output.

4. The “Outsmart Your Exams” Companion

Tables and templates to help you execute great exam technique, faster.

Save yourself some time by using this pack of templates which you can print at home and fill in, or use digitally if you’re trying to go paper-free.

If you don’t already own a copy of Outsmart Your Exams, learn more about our signature exam technique book and how the science of elite performance and memory recall can help you achieve your potential in the exam hall.

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