Exam Study Expert does Lizzy’s Christmas Party 2023

This blog post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission for any purchases made through my link.

Today’s invitation will be right up your street if:

  • You like free stuff
  • You’re excited for tips and resources to set you up for success in your studies in 2024…
  • … and (optionally) you have other interests and passions outside of studying too!

Lizzy’s Christmas Party is a slightly legendary annual extravaganza bringing together hundreds of teachers, coaches, mentors and experts in a huge range of fields (285+ of us this year), all united by a deep passion for the topic we teach.

And we all come together to give some of our best stuff away, here at the end of the year, to help set you up for a wonderful 2024.

This Party is all about the goody bags…

… they give you access to tons of products that will expand your interests and help you develop new skills. From learning Spanish to planning the ultimate Disney trip; from gardening to overcoming procrastination, it’s all in here.

There are two levels to enjoy the Party at, and I’ve contributed something to both:

>> The Regular Goody Bag is *free* 🤯 and contains 280+ products that would normally cost over $11,800 in total. 🎁

My contribution: Power-Up Productivity, which is normally $85, and covers overcoming procrastination, finding focus, boosting energy and managing your time skilfully, to help you be more efficient in your studies.

Note: this is an EXTREMELY rare opportunity to snag one of my premium courses, absolutely free. I’m doing this because, for me, this represents an extremely rare opportunity to connect with thousands of new students of my work all in one go, a small number of whom will like my approach enough to check out other ways I can help (e.g. as private coaching). So, it’s a win-win for everyone!

>> The Premium Goody Bag has 145+ courses & products that would normally be $101-500 *each* but it’s a one-off price of $100! 🎁

My contribution: Total Memory Mastery, which is normally $225. This is my signature course on learning faster and remembering more, and perfect if you have a lot of content to learn for large exams.

You can grab one, or both of the Goody Bags here!

Peek inside:

​I know some of you may choose to get one or both Goody Bags just because you want Power Up Productivity for $85 $0 or Total Memory Mastery for $225 $100 – in which case, great, enjoy!

​But part of the joy of Lizzy’s Christmas Party is the overflowing abundance of variety on offer. You won’t be interested in everything on offer, but I’m pretty sure everyone will find at least SOME things that align with their goals, interests and passions.

Here are some things I’m personally excited to take a look at in the Goody Bags:

​Year’s Worth of Journal Prompts and Affirmations* – WW notes: regular podcast listeners will recognise the author of this as past podcast guest Ruth Poundwhite, from Ep 97, one of our best-received episodes from 2023.

  • The Procrastination & Indecision Puzzle-Map*
  • The Vocab Cookbook – WW notes: another past podcast guest to shout out – this one’s by Kerstin Cable from Ep 117!
  • Balance Beyond Burnout
  • Make It Happen Method*
  • Transform Your ADHD Morning – WW notes: I don’t have ADHD, but many of my clients do, and I’m always looking for good tips to share!
  • The Microhabit Template* – WW notes: the “microhabit” idea is one I fully endorse, and a neat template to help track sounds v handy!
  • Christmas Elves Online Cake Topper Course
  • Writing Your First Novel*
  • Design Your Edible Garden
  • Watch Yourself on Video Without Cringing* – WW notes: important one for me for 2024, this… because of … reasons …

​* The asterisked ones are only available in the Premium Goody Bag (which is $100), all the others are in the free Regular Goody Bag.

The only catch? You’ve got to be quite quick – sign up closes tomorrow night. I’m sorry for the short notice – I meant to send this invitation to you last week, but have been ill recently so my timings slipped a little. But still, I hope this still comes in time for a good many of you to take advantage 😊

You can grab one, or both of the Goody Bags here!



A little user guide / set of quick tips on taking advantage of the Goody Bag(s)

HOW IT WORKS: Once you’ve signed up to the Goody Bag(s) of your choice, you then pick and choose which individual things you want to sign up to.

MAIN DEADLINE: You’ve got until tomorrow night (Thursday 14th Dec) to order your preferred Goody Bag(s) – link here: https://www.lcp2023.com/examstudyexpert

SIGN UP DEADLINE: Once you’ve got your preferred Goody Bag in hand, you then get until January 16th 2024 to browse everything that’s on offer, and sign up to the individual things you’d like

CHOOSING: With over 400 separate products across both Goody Bags, there’s a lot to choose from! You can, if you want, sign up to literally everything, though I’d generally suggest just picking and choosing the relevant stuff to your own interests / goals. When I’ve shopped this bundle in previous years, I typically focus on a couple of dozen or so things that look most fun / useful.

FILTERING: Unless you run your own online business, I recommend filtering by “Business To Consumer” when browsing what to sign up for from each of the 2 Goody Bags.

EMAIL MANAGEMENT: Every product you sign up for has a creator behind it, someone who makes their living (or part of it) teaching or coaching others on their specialist subject. By offering stuff for free (or very cheaply) in the Party, they get to “meet” lots of new potential customers, and may (will) send you emails about other things you might be interested in. To avoid drowning in unwanted emails, I therefore don’t recommend signing up to a product in the Goody Bag unless you’re at least a bit interested in the topic. If you decide you don’t want emails from any particular creator, you’re always free to unsubscribe – there will always be an unsubscribe link you can click at the bottom of their emails (as there is on all of mine). None of us want to annoy anyone with unnecessary email, so if you don’t want to hear from someone by email again, just use the unsubscribe link! No hard feelings 🙂