Work With Us

We are currently recruiting for a superstar General Manager to help me run Exam Study Expert.

  • Apply on or before 31st July 2022
  • Start Date: September 2022 (negotiable)
  • 4 days per week (initially)
  • £30k / year (pro rata)

In brief

You’re smart, and looking for interesting, varied and meaningful work that pays well (£30k pro-rata), while giving you great work / life balance (this is a 4-day-per-week role, at least initially).

I’m a strategy consultant turned education / technology entrepreneur, with a rapidly-growing start-up teaching students to study smarter. I’m seeking a superstar general manager to help me run the business so we can continue to scale up.

Let’s get to know each other a little better:


I’m a Cambridge-trained memory psychologist and entrepreneur.

I’m on a mission to teach students how to study smarter, not harder, using the science of learning and the psychology of peak performance to maximise grades and minimise stress levels 😊

This spans three interrelated pillars:

  • A media business: the Exam Study Expert blog and top-rated podcast, reach over 1,000,000 students around the world every year. We’re generous with our open-access resources and have built a reputation as the go-to source of advice on how to study better.
  • A services business: high-ticket 1-on-1 coaching for students and professionals taking exams, and workshops in schools and universities, not only for students but also for teaching staff and parents.
  • A technology business: Memlock is the game-changing next-generation memory consolidation app, currently in private alpha (initial trials with customers).

You will be involved in all 3 areas.


Above all else:

  • You’re enterprising: you can turn your considerable intellect to finding creative solutions to all kinds of real-world problems.
  • You’re resourceful: you can make things happen.
  • You’re kind: we’re good people here, and it shines through in everything we do.

I’m also looking for someone who is:

  • Outstanding with details: quite a bit of this role is about keeping on top of lots of detail, and making sure things don’t slip through the net.
  • Great with words: your English is formidable, either as your native tongue, or otherwise truly flawless English as an additional language. You produce lucid and lively writing yourself, and can proofread others’ writing to a high standard.
  • Good (or better) with numbers: you should (at a minimum) be comfortable with a basic spreadsheet, and making / interpreting charts to bring data to life.

Some of the scope of the role can be built around your individual talents and interests.

Here follows a list of skills we may be able to draw on. It’s a ridiculously diverse list. I absolutely DO NOT expect you to have all of these! In fact, you don’t have to have any of these at all to apply. But if you have one or more from the list, definitely tell me about it in your application – we’ll likely be able to use your talent in this area!

  • Interest or experience in education and teaching
  • Interest or experience in business and entrepreneurship
  • Leadership skills including building and overseeing teams
  • Academic skills such as preparing scientific articles for submission to journals, and data / statistical analysis skills (esp. in the context of social science / psychology research)
  • Language skills, especially advanced English skills such as proofreading or copyediting experience, or additional languages other than English
  • Sales and marketing skills such as copywriting, social media, search engine optimisation, and experience selling (in any context)
  • Technical skills: any coding or development experience
  • Design / creative skills including website design, video editing, or graphic design

Us (the role)

A raw ability to pick things up quickly is far more important than pre-existing skills. Comprehensive training will be provided in everything you’re being asked to do.

But what are you actually going to get up to all day?

As only the third full-time member of the Exam Study Expert team (after our Blog Editor and me), you should expect to wear a lot of hats! These are the four hats you’ll spend most time wearing:

Podcast Producer

  • Pitching guests: you’ll hone the art of writing to well-respected people to interest them in an opportunity, in this case, coming on our show!
  • Researching guests and their work ahead of their interview, and proposing key questions / talking points for the interview.
  • Overseeing with our audio editor to produce and broadcast top-quality episodes to our global audience.
  • Promoting the podcast and other Exam Study Expert content via emails to our mailing list, and via our social media channels.

Sales & Operations Manager

For Memlock, the next-generation memory consolidation app.

  • You’ll learn how a brand-new technology gets its first customers, because you’ll be helping us win them! E.g. through managing our outreach emails, and scheduling product demos.
  • You’ll help us onboard new schools, and field basic tech support queries.
  • Support with new content development (writing / proofreading question banks).

Speaker’s Agent / Executive Assistant

For our business line providing training to teachers, students and parents in schools.

  • You’ll re-shape presentation materials to the needs of each client (prepare to get Very Good at making clear, professional, gorgeous PowerPoint slides!).
  • Fielding enquiries from potential new speaking clients (schools) and coaching clients (parents and students).
  • Proactively nurturing existing clients to secure future bookings (mainly by email).
  • Administration: including scheduling speaking / coaching engagements, and booking travel.

What to expect


If you thrive in your role at Exam Study Expert, you will find your role shifts from “doing” to “leading”, as you hire and oversee a small team, reporting directly to you.


I’m a firm believer in working smarter, not harder.

At Exam Study Expert, we work normal and sensible hours (though we accomplish much in them!), and we have a life outside the office. No 100-hour weeks here. Balance is important.


You will learn an awful lot with Exam Study Expert – a lot in the first few months, then a lot more each year thereafter.

You’ll be extremely well-supported in this, but will also enjoy time to learn independently as well, through dedicated weekly “development hours” and a budget to invest in cultivating whatever skills you’d like to work on next.


While the role is advertised as 4 days per week, that’s only a measure of how much of your week you’ll need to set aside for the role. With some edge-case exceptions (like our shared need to overlap working hours for meetings and training), you are free to choose your own hours each week.


The role is 98% remote, with occasional in-person company meet-ups in or near London (expect approx. quarterly). In between times, you are free to work from anywhere in the world – it’s up to you.

How To Apply

Please send your CV (résumé) to It isn’t necessary to attach a traditional formal cover letter, but we welcome a crisp covering email succinctly outlining your suitability and passion for the role.

Deadline: July 31st 2022