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Where does motivation come from?

And crucially, what can we do to build and nurture it?

Tune in to find out!

Our “Motivation To Study” series continues this week with an inspiring, fascinating and highly practical conversation with Peps McCrea, who has synthesised the motivation research into 5 drivers.

Where does motivation come from?

And crucially, what can we do to build and nurture it?

Tune in to fine out!

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Highlights from today’s episode:

1. Secure Success
– Why good study strategy boosts motivation
– The “break it down” trick
– Understanding what success even IS (e.g. sometimes, mistakes, or being stuck are all just part of the process!)

2. Run Routines
– Have a good routine (esp tied to an initial cue)
– Leave your stuff out the night before

3. Nudge Norms
– Surrounding yourself with others who are studying, so you are “nudged” to study too in order to fit in, whether that is through physical location (library, study centre, etc)…
– … or through virtual options, “Study With Me”s on YouTube, or a support / accountability group on WhatsApp

4. Build Belonging
– Find people you can identify with / similar ideals: maybe look for community and role models outside your real-life circle if necessary

5. Boost Buy-In
– The importance of WHY we’re choosing to do it
– Intention setting: what will you do, how, when
– The public calendar chain strategy

Hosted by William Wadsworth, memory psychologist, independent researcher and study skills coach / trainer. I help ambitious students to study smarter, not harder, so they can ace their exams with less work and less stress.

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