Episode 11 of the Exam Study Expert podcast: “Mnemonics, memory magic, and the art of getting things done with Dr Adam Putnam”.

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Show notes

In this episode, we’re delighted to welcome Dr Adam Putnam, who is an assistant professor at Furman University, to share his fascinating insights about the misunderstood but sometimes very powerful world of mnemonic techniques, as well as sharing a psychologist’s perspective on the art of focus and productivity.

Adam recommended a couple of great books in this episode. If you’re interested in the art of working more productively, or learning more about mnemonic techniques, try:

You can find Adam online at www.adamlputnam.com

For more information about first-letter mnemonics (e.g. acronyms): https://examstudyexpert.com/chunking-and-memory/#acronyms

Looking for a quick guide to the pegword method? https://examstudyexpert.com/pegword-method/

For the committed mnemonicist (yes, I’m pretty sure I made that word up) and wanting to learn the major system, Wikipedia has a pretty decent overview to get you started. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mnemonic_major_system

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