Memorise faster: the science of learning

A lot to remember?

Feeling like it’s not sticking?

Let me share a little secret

There’s a new science to learning.

You will be shocked at how much time you can save.

Start with this article on the best way to memorise, or go deeper by browsing my recommended memory books and resources, best blog articles and podcast episodes below.

Ready to supercharge your learning – for good?

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Learning Methods

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What Is Retrieval Practice In Psychology: Definition & Strategies

What Is Retrieval Practice In Psychology: Definition & Strategies

Retrieval practice is, in my view, the single most powerful tool to build lasting knowledge in teaching and learning (I rate spaced learning as a close second). A curious peculiarity of our memory is that things are impressed better by active than by passive...

51 PROVEN Study Tips For Students (That Work Like A Charm In 2023)

51 PROVEN Study Tips For Students (That Work Like A Charm In 2023)

These are the BEST exam study tips to help students build effective study skills. They’re simple, fast, and actionable, and based on the latest science. I'm a memory psychologist and study productivity expert, and have taught thousands of students how to study more...

7 Magical Holiday Study Tips For 2021

7 Magical Holiday Study Tips For 2021

Got study plans this Christmas? You’re not alone. Whether you’re writing coursework, reading for a dissertation, or revising for exams, you and millions of other students around the world are preparing to get a bit of studying done this holiday season. Getting the...

Useful tools

  • Popular flashcards apps for learning: Anki, Brainscape, Quizlet.
  • Buy physical paper flashcards: I was weirdly excited to see Amazon still stocks the exact flashcard make that I used to buy as a student! I was a bit picky – you want a good quality of paper, the right size, and a spine that’s not so bulky that it’s uncomfortable to write on the back of a card when it’s flipped over (if you’re right handed, your hand is resting right over the spine at that point). Available in packs of five. Only available in the UK unfortunately – elsewhere, try these.

Recommended books

  • Make It Stick: go deeper on the science of learning – this is a very readable book, almost like a novel. Really excellent.
  • Understanding How We Learn: a superb visual primer on the science of learning – my copy is never far from my desk and is well-thumbed!

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you. I make these recommendations based on personal experience and because I think they are genuinely helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I receive.

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