Episode 7 of the Exam Study Expert podcast: “How to Study With Dr Yana Weinstein-Jones: Learning Scientist and Self-Care Advocate”.

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Show notes

Yana is a respected researcher in the field of how to learn effectively, and brilliant teacher on how to apply the science to the question of how to study.

In this stand-out episode, we cover the science of how to study with six learning strategies you should have in your toolkit, including practice testing, spaced repetition and distributed practice, explaining how to apply each technique in practice.

We also discuss self-care: looking after yourself to maintain your physical and emotional health, to make sure you’re keeping life and studies in balance.

Links and resources from this episode:

If you’d like to read more about the strategies discussed in today’s episode, her book “Understanding How We Learn: A Visual Guide” comes with our highest recommendation. If you are in America, you can pick up a copy directly from Yana’s own website, otherwise it’s available from Amazon worldwide.

You can find Yana:

On Facebook at YWJ: Self-care for self-care tips and in The Yana Boutique for everything self-care related, from books to scarves to bath bombs to mental health magnets.

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