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What to expect, how to apply, and how to thrive as a chemistry student, with legendary chemist Dr Peter Wothers MBE.

Join legendary chemist Dr Peter Wothers MBE to discover the magical, explosive world of chemistry!

  • Why study chemistry
  • Applying for chemistry at university level
  • The gap between (high) school level science and university level
  • How to succeed when studying chemistry

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    Dr Wothers is Teaching Fellow in the Department of Chemistry, and is something of a campus legend thanks to his passion for the subject and incredible flair while lecturing. He’s been featured on TV, including the Discovery Channel’s The Big Experiment and the BBC’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, which are available on-demand here: (aimed at a young audience, but worth clicking to enjoy the first 40 seconds alone in my opinion – fantastic!!)

    He has also authored a number of books, including:

    • Why Chemical Reactions Happen – a great read for (high) school students considering studying chemistry, brilliant interview prep. Available at:
    • Antimony, Gold and Jupiter’s Wolf, a fascinating read for a general audience, all about how the elements got their names. Available at 
    • Organic Chemistry – (first edition) – THE go-to undergrad textbook for organic chemistry (Dr W did the 1st edition – the 2nd edition which he was less involved in available at 

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