Episode 18 of the Exam Study Expert podcast: “Coconut Shells To Industry Titan – “When I Grow Up” Month”.

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Show notes

Welcome to a very special series of episodes on Exam Study Expert, where we’re unpacking the lives of individuals who have achieved success in a certain field, figuring out what motivated them when they were at school and university, finding out what they chose to study and why, and learning their top tips for success in their own field, or in life generally.

Today: the most inspiring story I’ve had the privilege of telling here on the podcast, the tale of a boy from a Fijian village with no electricity or running water, who grew up to be a highly respected business leader managing several hundred thousand employees and advising government on economic development.

His story beautifully illustrates the power of education to unlock opportunity for anyone, no matter what your background. If you are looking for a role model who achieved great things in life despite total absence of privilege, and remained kind, humble and generous throughout, look no further than Josaia Mar.

William Wadsworth
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