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And this collection of education podcasts is the perfect resource for teachers, educators, students and parents around the world to engage in the diverse issues, policies, and innovations that shape education today.

There are hundreds of education podcasts out there, so we’ve narrowed down our list of recommendations to the 15 best education podcasts. These 15 offer a range of topics including the science of learning, hot current issues, innovations in teaching and classroom comedy.

Most of these education podcasts are available on every major podcast platform: simply search for their names, and subscribe to brighten up your daily commute, long walks and chores!

So let’s get to it! Read on for all the details:

1.      The Exam Study Expert Podcast

best education podcasts

We might be biased (who knows?) but we’re going to start out list with the Exam Study Expert Podcast, hosted by memory psychologist and expert study coach William Wadsworth. Running since 2019, the ESE podcast explores the psychology of learning for students and teachers, alongside interviews with some of education and productivity’s top minds.

Where to find this podcast: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Stitcher and more

Who should listen: Everyone can find something useful: the episodes are aimed at teachers, students and parents!

Try these episodes first: As there are so many topics available, why not start with some great advice and top study techniques: such as William’s interview with Lucy Ratcliffe on success mindset, and his top techniques to help students study effectively.

2.      The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast

best education podcasts

Next up we have a firm favourite: the Cult of Pedagogy podcast hosted by US teacher and lecturer Jennifer Gonzalez since 2013. She interviews educators, students, administrators and parents “about the psychological and social dynamics of school”, teaching strategies, education news, classroom management, and educational reform and tech.

Where to find this podcast: Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, Stitcher and more

Who should listen: This is another podcast for everyone: teachers, students and parents can all learn here!

Try these episodes first: Gonzalez’s topics are wide-ranging, so why not start by learning about connecting students, success criteria, or online teaching practices?

3.      Craig Barton: Mr Barton Maths Podcast and Tips for Teachers

Another long-standing and top education podcast is the Mr Barton Maths Podcast (launched in 2015), hosted by maths teacher and TES advisor Craig Barton. Barton interviews a range of guests “from the world of education”, to discuss everything from their lesson planning process to their teaching experiences. His second podcast Tips for Teachers launched in 2022 and covers a wealth of subjects to help teachers cope in the classroom.

Where to find these podcast: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and more

Who should listen: It’s not just about maths – all teachers can find something useful here!

Try these episodes first: Barton recommends newcomers to the Mr Barton Maths Podcast begin with his interviews with Dylan William, Becky Allen, and Peps Mccrea.

4.      Ollie Lovell: Education Research Reading Room and Teacher Ollie’s Takeaways

Next up we have two excellent podcasts hosted by Australian maths teacher and author Ollie Lovell: the long-standing Education Research Reading Room (since 20) and the short-lived Teacher Ollie’s Takeaways (which accompanies a far longer-running blog series). ERRR features lengthy interviews with educators and education researchers on “key issues in the education space”.

Where to find this podcast: Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more

Who should listen: Educators, teachers and researchers

Try this episode first: Lovell’s ERRR interview with Harry Fletcher-Wood on habits of success.

5.      The Learning Scientists Podcast

This is another great podcast that is focused on the science of learning, effective study and research-backed teaching strategies. The podcast has been hosted by Drs. Megan Sumeracki and Yana Weinstein since 2017, and features interviews and bite-sized advice, covering topics from neurodiversity to study techniques and student experiences.

Where to find this podcast: Apple Podcasts and Podbean

Who should listen: Teachers, students and parents interested in evidence-based learning

Try these episodes first: To get an idea of the range of topics, why not start with these episodes on literacy and making mistakes, and researchers and teachers working together.

6.      The EdTech Podcast

This excellent podcast aims to “improve the dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ for better innovation” in schools. And it’s full of interesting interviews with education innovators, educators, investors and students. Founded by Sophie Bailey in 2018 the EdTech Podcast has grown to be one of the powerhouses of education podcasts.

Where to find this podcast: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher

Who should listen: Education leaders, teachers and learning professionals

Try these episodes first: This podcasts covers a lot, so why not start with employability and skills, adult education, or recruitment and admissions.

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    7.      Tes: Tes News (Tes – The Education Podcast) and Tes Pedagogy

    Next up are two podcasts from the Tes newsroom that provides discussions of big UK school stories, issues and policies and what they mean for teachers and students. Hosted by reporters and news editors from the global education business Tes (formerly the Times Educational Supplement), Tes News and Tes Pedagogy interview education leaders and researchers, and debate the big issues facing education.

    Where to find this podcast: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podchaser, Spotify and more

    Who should listen: Anyone interested in the latest in UK education news

    Try these episodes first: It’s not just news: the Tes podcasts also tackle subjects such as eco-anxiety in students, accessibility and the teenage brain.

    8.      Two Mr P’s in a Pod(cast)

    Next up we’ve got something a little different: the British comedy education podcast Two Mr Ps in a Pod(cast). It’s hosted by brothers and primary school teachers Lee and Adam Parkinson. They’ve been sharing relatable, funny stories about experiences of school since 2018, and their podcast of upbeat anecdotes is the perfect pick-me-up for teachers and students.

    Where to find this podcast: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Acast, and more

    Who should listen: Anyone looking for some light-hearted comedy about school experiences!

    Try these episodes first: Some popular episodes feature topics such as honesty, school bus rules, and the SATs.

    9.      Pivotal Podcast – Managing Behaviour

    Hosted by behavioural specialist Paul Dix (and others) and founded in 2013, Pivotal Podcast features a wealth of practical advice for teachers. Whether it’s managing behaviour in the classroom, wellbeing in schools, safeguarding of choosing CPD, the advice in this top podcast is well regarded and practical.

    Where to find this podcast: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher

    Who should listen: Teachers, and those working in education

    Try this episode first: Try this interview with Kiran Gill on supporting vulnerable students.

    10. The Teacher Toolkit

    This next podcast, The Teacher Toolkit, stems from an influential UK education blog founded by teacher Ross McGill. It features interviews and discussions on a wide range of topics, including student and teacher identity, mental health and wellbeing, professional development, and innovation in teaching techniques.

    Where to find this podcast: Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and more

    Who should listen: Teachers and educators, and interested students

    Try this episode first: This podcast is chock-full of topics, so why not start with this episode on student mental health.

    11. The Evidence Based Education Podcast

    This monthly podcast hosted by Evidence Based Education team has been running since 2017 and explores the field of evidence-based education. Most episodes feature a different topic and host from the world of education, discussing their experiences and the impact of evidence-based learning.

    Where to find this podcast: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and more

    Who should listen: Teachers and educators interested in evidence-based learning

    Try this episode first: Learn all about the learning process with this Science of Learning episode.

    12. Teaching in Higher Ed

    This next podcast is a little different: the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast (which began in 2014) is specifically aimed at supporting educators for higher education. The episodes are hosted by different university educators. And they feature topics as broad as critical thinking, copyright, mental health, inclusivity, and interdisciplinary practices. It’s a huge resource, full of interesting discussions.

    Where to find this podcast: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and more

    Who should listen: Educators working in higher education (and interested students)

    Try this episode first: As there’s so much to listen to, why not start with this episode about student wellbeing.

    13. The TED Talks Education Podcast

    The TED Talks Education Podcast brings together the audio from some of the varied talks given on the TED Education stage, where the world’s greatest educators and researchers discuss their interests and share their wisdom. Topics range from maths and intelligence to teaching magic.

    Where to find this podcast: Apple Podcasts, Podbean and TopPodcast

    Who should listen: Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge about all things education!

    Try these episodes first: Stretch your knowledge with talks on the fundamental right of education, online learning in academia, and student mental health days.

    14. Teacher Wellbeing Podcast

    Hosted by Ellen Ronalds Keene, the Teacher Wellbeing Podcast has been running since 2017. It’s all about ensuring our teachers remain healthy, happy and productive. The podcast discusses mental health and burnout prevention, positive experiences and aims to empower teachers to put themselves first.

    Where to find this podcast: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, RSS Feed and more

    Who should listen: Educators and school staff

    Try this episode first: Discover how to integrate wellbeing practices into daily life in this interview with Meg Durham.

    15. brainED – The Edu-comedy Podcast

    And finally, our last education podcast recommendation is the brainED comedy podcast. This is another fabulously funny UK “edu-comedy” (founded in 2018). It features a number of series on professional development, the staff room, and satirical shorts. It’s light-hearted and a great antidote to those long hard days at school.

    Where to find this podcast: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean and more

    Who should listen: Anyone looking for some wacky comedy about education!

    Try this episode first: Depending on which series takes your fancy, you should start with the first episode. Why not try the pandemic headteacher series Talking Head.

    Happy listening!

    So that’s all for our top 15 education podcasts round-up! I hope our recommendations brighten up your days with knowledge and comedy.

    Of course, there are a great many more excellent education podcasts available – so if you’d like some further recommendations, please do get in touch, or leave a comment below with your favourite!

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