Episode 6 of the Exam Study Expert podcast: “Overcoming procrastination, getting motivated and time management for students with Jessica Shields“.

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Show notes

We welcome college professor Jessica Shields, who also runs collegestudysmarts.com, to share her considerable wisdom on how to be productive and stay motivated with your studies. We’ll be covering:

  • Study motivation: finding your get up and go
  • How to overcome procrastination
  • How to stay off Netflix and YouTube when you’re trying to study
  • Planning your time through the term
  • Time management for students
  • Good study habits
  • The boost you need to NOT leave everything to the last minute!
  • Effective note taking methods (including an ingenious trick that I only learned in this conversation!)

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

You can find Jessica at www.collegestudysmarts.com 

The “quizlet” flashcards tool is available at www.quizlet.com 

Download Exam Study Expert’s guide to using learning science to learn faster and remember more than ever before, at

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