Episode 4 of the Exam Study Expert podcast: “Revision for maths: how to be good at math(s) with Joachim Cassel“.

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Show notes

If you want to be good at math(s), or if you’re already feeling in control and want to take your math(s) to the next level, you’re in the right place! Join Joachim Cassel, one of the UK’s most experienced math(s) tutors, as we talk about preparing for high school math(s) exams:

  • The right mindset to have for learning maths
  • What to do if you don’t understand maths
  • The art of slowing down, and how to trust the process (like you’re an NBA superstar!)
  • How to remember what you’ve learned, and how to practice truly effectively
  • How to revise maths / how to review math
  • Exam technique for mathematics exams and tests
  • Tips for recalling tricky equations / formulas in the exam
  • Getting on the examiner’s good side
  • Making sure you get every mark you deserve
  • ADVANCED STUDY: for anyone interested in taking their mathematics further, beyond school, how to apply for courses at University / College, and what it’s like

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