Episode 2 of the Exam Study Expert podcast: “How to be an outstanding student: cultivating critical thinking and creativity with Dr Marie Buda“.

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Show notes

“It’s not about studying more, it’s about studying smart”. The common theme this week is how to be a good student – maybe even a truly outstanding student – through creativity, critical thinking, how to study smart, and how to improve memory. 

Dr Marie Buda shares her considerable expertise on:

  • CREATIVITY: as an innovation consultant by day, Marie has some fascinating insights to share on how to be more creative as a student, how to draw together ideas and come up with new ones.
  • CRITICAL THINKING: in her spare time, Marie coaches students on critical thinking: the art of thinking deeply, logically and critically about information we’re presented with, and how and when to impress your teacher, examiner or admissions tutor by challenging accepted wisdom with critical thinking.
  • GOOD STUDY HABITS: keeping on top of your life and your studies, time management for students, and staying in control.
  • WAYS TO IMPROVE MEMORY: Marie’s PhD was on memory, and we geek out on some fascinating memory science, including why she turned up to her exams in her pyjamas!

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