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For the first time, I’m sharing my EXACT study routine from when I was studying for my final exams at Cambridge University.

If you’ve ever wondered what MY study routine looked like as a Cambridge University student, your wait is over.

This episode is all about how to take your study hours to the MAX. All while keeping enough balance in your life to avoid overwork, exhaustion and stress.

For the first time, I’m sharing the EXACT study routine I used to graduate in the top 10% of my class on a competitive course at Cambridge University.

As a student psychologist, I was already applying the science of the brain to work harder and smarter in my study routine. In this episode, I’ll break down:

  • How I was managing my time: hour by hour, and life-hacks I was using to clear as much time for studying as possible
  • How I was managing my attention: staying hyperfocused and “in the zone” for long stretches of time
  • How I was managing my energy: so I had enough fuel in the tank to keep the pace up, not just for a few days, but for weeks on end

But even more, I use the benefit of hindsight, and all I’ve learned since, to look back. I pick apart all the things I WASN’T doing so well, so you can learn from my mistakes. And build a great study routine to fit your own needs as a student!

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