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Stay calm and organized, and make your lists work for YOU … by exploring beyond the classic daily “to-do list”!

Today, I want to talk you through six of the best types of daily and long-term lists you might consider using to help you stay organized, calm and in control.

Some will be familiar to you – though perhaps with a fresh spin you’d not considered before – others will likely be entirely new!

  • The To Do List – and the 3-part system I’m favouring currently
  • The Browser Tab “To-Do” List Hack
  • The Stop List – to help with overwhelm
  • The Checklist – de-risk the big moments
  • The Red & Green List – for when times are tough
  • The Mental Resistance List

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Hosted by William Wadsworth, memory psychologist, independent researcher and study skills coach. I help ambitious students to study smarter, not harder, so they can ace their exams with less work and less stress.

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