Oliver Caviglioli

How visualising information can help you learn: the real science of “visual learning” and how to use it to supercharge learning

There’s no such thing as a “visual learner”.

The idea that some of us are “visual learners” and learn best through imagery is a myth, and has been widely debunked by psychologists.

 (See https://examstudyexpert.com/brain-science-quiz/ for this and more myths about learning and the brain!).

But in many ways, we are ALL visual learners.

Because visuals, when used properly, can have a big benefit for our learning, not least through the powerful “dual coding” effect.

Highly respected teaching and learning expert Oliver Caviglioli joins me to explain all, and break down exactly how YOU can take advantage of the power of visuals in your own studies.

Part of Learning Science Season here on the Exam Study Expert Podcast.

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