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Are you working too hard? Overstudying? Just how much studying is too much?

Let’s look at the counterintuitive reality of how LESS is MORE when you study SMARTER not HARDER.

Are you working too hard? Overstudying? How much studying is too much?

We’re all about helping you study SMARTER, and not HARDER on the Exam Study Expert podcast.

But what if the key to studying SMARTER wasn’t just about your study technique, but also about working LESS HARD, so you can have more energy and can study with more intensity and focus?

When it comes to study hours, “more hours” beyond a certain point does not necessarily mean you achieve more.

Today, I’m getting real with you about the counterintuitive reality that by easing off on an intense work schedule, you might actually be able to get MORE done. I’ve got the answers to “how much studying is too much?”.

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Hosted by William Wadsworth, memory psychologist, independent researcher and study skills coach. I help ambitious students to study smarter, not harder, so they can ace their exams with less work and less stress.

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